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     The unprecedented growth of computer systems and adopting them into every possible walk of life made the computer studies as one of the fast-paced engineering streams. Be it a simple mobile-phone or a sophisticated space shuttle, computer is there everywhere to play its vital role.

     Department of CSE at Vignan's Foundation for Science, Technology & Research (Deemed to be University) is a Research-oriented, Student-Centered department offering undergraduate and postgraduate programs in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Information Technology and Computer Applications. The department promotes world class research in computer related disciplines with absolute commitment to excellence in teaching.

     Department of Computer Science has well equipped with laboratories that will promote the student to do programming and get rapid exposure to the programming languages, tools and various latest technologies.

     Faculty is one of the main strength of the department of Computer Science who are from well reputed institutes in India. Faculty will encourage students to have their career according to the interest of the students. Not only the students but also the faculty members get also trained according to latest technology and trend so that our faculty could impart the best outcome of the students to meet the latest trends in the industry. Students are also motivated to participate in research activities with the guidelines of the faculty members.

     we design our curriculum with close collaborations with Industry and other university's to create a wealth of options. This state-of-the-art setting ensures that students have access to all the latest learning tools and enables them to attend classes just around the corner from companies where they find fulfilling and challenging internships, co-op jobs, and careers.

Dr. Venkatesulu Dondeti
Prof. & HoD, CSE Dept

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