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Fee Structure & Scholarships for M.Tech
Home Fee Structure
Category A:
  • Admission Fee Rs.10,000 (1st Year only)
  • Tuition Fee per year Rs.1,00,000

  • Category B:
  • Admission Fee Rs.20,000 (1st Year only)
  • Tuition Fee per year Rs.2,00,000

  • Category A: Qualified in GATE/PGECET/VUGATE with 50% aggregate marks in qualifying examination.
  • Category B: A pass in the qualified examination with minimum 50% aggregate marks in the qualifying examination.
  • Scholarships for M.Tech programme
    100% 50% 25%

    GATE Qualified(or) >80% in B.Tech

    >70% in B.Tech & Qualified in VUGATE

    >60% in B.Tech & Qualified in VUGATE


  • 25% of the total intake capacity seats in each department are reserved for scholarships. Out of that 5% seats with 100% scholarship, 10% seats with 50% scholarship and 10% seats with 25% scholarship. (For Example, out of 60 seats, 3 seats are with 100 % scholarship, 6 seats are with 50% scholarship and 6 seats with 25 % scholarship)
  • Scholarships will be applicable for subsequent years only if the student is promoted with 70% of marks in the preceding years without any backlogs.
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