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      A sound scientific temperament and quest for continous innovation drives both faculty and students to keep pursuing research activities at the institute. This infuses an investigative spirit even among the students and motivates them to take up various challenging research projects.

      Projects worth Rs 793.55 lacs are in operation at present and more projects seeking a fund of 18 Crores are in the pipeline. Revenue of 1. 10 crore has been generated through consultancy services so far. 963 journal publications and 1066 conference papers have been published since 2013. The University encourages research by incentivizing the active research done by its faculty. Nine applications for patents have been filed since 2013 till date from VFSTRU.

      Vignan's University receives Ph.D Applications through out the year. But, Admissions will be given in January and July of every year. Follow the below links for complete details of Admission procedure.

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