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Program Name M.Tech in Structural Engineering
Level Post Graduation
Program Specific Enquiries: 0863-2344745
Admission Enrollment and General Enquiries: 0863-2344777, 1800-425-2529
HoD Contact Number 9443061129
Program Description:

M.Tech in Structural Engineering is one of the Post graduate programs offered by Department of Civil Engineering of Vignanís Foundation for science, Technology and Research University. This program is aimed at providing inputs in the areas of advanced structural analysis, advanced reinforced concrete and steel structures, innovative construction materials, plates and shells, bridges etc.

The department is also involved in research and project consultancy in the areas like structural masonry, earth quake engineering, alternate building materials etc. These topics would help the post graduates to design, analyze and find solutions for practical problems.

Professional Outcomes:

  • An ability to understand and perform research by identifying the nature of the information required; investigating sources of information, including professionals, texts, databases, and the Internet; organizing the information by employing a variety of techniques such as, spreadsheets, graphs, tables, and charts; and examining the information to select the most relevant, important, and useful for Structural engineering .
  • An ability to identify and define problems, gathering data related to the problem, generating and prioritizing a set of alternative solutions, and selecting and implementing the best alternative with an exposure to relevant codes.
  • An ability to analyze, design, detailing, estimation and costing of Structural components with high level of competency.
  • An ability to lead, manage and be productive in a multidisciplinary team.
  • An ability to use the techniques, skills, and advanced modern engineering tools, instrumentation and software packages necessary for engineering practice.
  • An ability to recognize the need for and to engage in continual learning through sustained education to meet the challenging and demand - driven needs of the construction field.
  • An ability to communicate effectively.

Work Experience,Internships and Research:

One Year Internship programme is offered in curriculum in final year, so that the student can have a rich experience with the best practices in industry and able to mould himself with the environment of industry. In addition to it, conferences and workshops are conducted regularly motivating students towards research

I Year

I Semester

Code Subject L T P C
17CE001 Theory of Elasticity 3 1 0 4
17CE003 Structural Dynamics 3 0 3 5
17CE005 Advanced Reinforced concrete Design 3 0 3 5
17CE007 Mathematical Methods 4 0 0 4
  Elective - 1 3 0 0 3
  Elective - 2 3 0 0 3
Total Semester Credits 24
I Year

II Semester

Code Subject L T P C
17HS001 Research Methods 3 0 0 3
17HS002 Employment Orientation Program (EOP) 2 0 0 2
17CE002 Matrix methods & Finite Element Analysis 3 1 2 5
17CE004 Earthquake Resistant Design of Structures 3 1 2 5
17CE006 Theory of Plates and Shells 3 1 0 4
17CE008 Repair and Rehabilitation of Structures 3 1 0 4
  Elective - 3 3 0 0 3
  Elective - 4 3 0 0 3
Total Semester Credits 29
II Year

III Semester

Code Subject L T P C
17PR001 Project/ Internship Phase 1 - - - 15
Total 15
II Year

IV Semester

Code Subject L T P C
17PR002 Project/ Internship Phase 2 - - - 15
Total 15
Pool of Electives

Code Subject
17CE009 Plastic and Limit State Design of Steel Structures
17CE010 Fracture Mechanics
17CE012 Construction Planning and Project management
17CE014 Advanced Foundation Engineering
17CE015 Mechanics of Composite Materials
17CE016 Ground Improvement Techniques
17CE017 Bridge Engineering
17CE018 Design of Tall Structures
17CE011 Advanced Pre-stressed Concrete
17CE019 Stability of structures
17CE020 Structural Optimization
17CE013 Advanced Concrete Technology
17CE021 Smart Structures and Applications
17CE022 Pre Engineered Buildings
17CE023 Experimental Stress Analysis
17CE024 Soil Structure Interaction
17CE025 Advanced steel and Concrete Composite Structures

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