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Programme Educational Objectives (PEOs)

PEO 1: To expose the students to Matrix integrated Structural Analysis, Structural Dynamics, allied theory in elasticity and plasticity, Application of Finite Element Technique in Structural Engineering etc.

PEO 2: To impart knowledge to students in understanding the behaviour and design of RC structures, Steel structure and Composite Structures and to introduce latest procedures in earthquake and wind resistant design practices and philosophies.

PEO 3: To expose the students to latest revisions of design codes and their importance in present day practices in national and international scenario on Structural Engineering and to motivate them in interdisciplinary involvement in problems related to Structural Engineering.

PEO 4: To orient the students to high value research related to Structural Engineering so that they get idea to pursue research and lifelong learning.

Programme Outcomes (POs)

The graduates of Structural Engineering will be able to:

PO 1: Graduates of the Programme will be able to demonstrate in-depth knowledge of Structural Engineering discipline and build capability to apply that knowledge to real life Engineering problems.

PO 2: Programme graduates will gain knowledge and skill in integrating Structural engineering concepts with all other disciplines which can helps in multidisciplinary projects.

PO 3: Graduates will gain the ability to grab technical knowledge as well as leadership skills to Structural Engineering research and consultancy problems in Socio-centric and Industrial Projects.

PO 4: Graduates of the Structural Engineering Programme will gain the ability to carry out original and useful research in key areas of Structural Engineering.

PO 5: Programme graduates will be able to recognize and analyze the impact of Structural Engineering in development of project and to find a suitable economical and cost effective solution from number of alternatives.

PO 6: Graduates of the Programme will develop skills to communicate technical values of Structural Engineering research with the public, learners, practitioners and other community members of concern.

PO 7: Programme graduates will develop confidence in Structural analysis and management with high ethical value towards social, environmental and economic issues.

PO 8: Graduates will develop enthusiasm and confidence to pursue lifelong learning for professional advancement.

PO 9: Programme graduates will develop the spirit of working in team for common objectives.

PO 10: Graduates of the Programme will develop interest to pursue higher studies and research.

Programme Name M.Tech in Structural Engineering
Level Post Graduation
Programme Specific Enquiries: 0863-2344761
Admission Enrollment and General Enquiries: 0863-2344777, 1800-425-2529
HoD Contact Number 8500072125/9182154131

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