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This course deals with various methods employed for the measurement of areas and volumes and to mark the positions of the proposed structures on the ground by using various techniques. To understand basic surveying methods and use of various instruments for surveying of given geographical locations.

Sno Name Of The Item Quantity
1 Measuring Chain 30 m Metal Wired Tapes 10 Nos
2 Dumpy level 06 Nos
3 Levelling staff 06 Nos
4 Auto Level 01 No
5 Prismatic Compass 06 Nos
6 Optical Square Prism Unit 06 Nos
7 Plane Table 06 Nos
8 Box Sextant 06 Nos
9 Planimeter 04 Nos
10 Theodolite 06 Nos
11 Total Station 01 No

Geology Lab

The course is intended to explore the scope of geology in terms of Civil Engineering applications and to explain the geological agents and their role in constantly moulding the surface of the earth. lab provide hands on experience on identification, methods to find properties of various geographical materials.

List of Hand Speciments of Minerals   

AGATE - BANDED Maharastra, India. AMETHYST Chinchwad, pune District , Maharastra. APATITE Madurai, Tamil Nadu.
ASBESTOS -AMPHIBOLE;GREY Yedugowdanahally, Hasan District, Karnataka. BARYTES Cuddapah, AndhraPradesh BAUXITE; PISOLITIC Belgaum , Karnataka.
CALCITE; WHITE Bettadabeedu,Mysore District, Karnataka. CALCITE;TRANSULUCENT Deccan Traps India. CALCITE;PINK Shankari,Salem District Tamil Nadu.
COAL Singareni Collieries, AndhraPradesh CORUNDUM ; PINK ; GRANULAR Hardur, Hasan District, Karnataka. DOLOMITE ; GREY CRYSTALLINE Yedugowdanahally, Hasan District, Karnataka.
EPIDOTE ; CRYSTALS Jalakandapuram.Tamil Nadu. FELDSPAR;MICROCLYNE;WHITE Taridalu,Karnataka. FELDSPAR ; MOONSTONE Kangayam, Coimbattor District, Tamil Nadu.
FELDSPAR ; PLAGIOCLASE ;WHITE Mavinahalli, Karnataka. FLOURITE Gujrat India FOSSIL WOOD Ariyalur tamil Nadu.
GYPSUM CRYSTALS ; SELENITE Bikaneer, Rajasthan. GYPSUM ; FIBROUS Punjab India. HAEMATITE Chitradurga,Karnataka.
KYANITE ; BLANDED BLUE Yenneholeranganabetta, Hasan District, Karnataka. MAGNETITE Maratikyatanahalli, Karnataka. MAGNESITE Doddakanya,South India.
MICA MUSCOVITE Gudur, AndhraPradesh MICA ; BIOTITE Gudur,AndhraPradesh OLIVINE Salem Tamil Nadu.
PYRITES ; CRYSTALS Cuddapah, AndhraPradesh QUARTZ ; WHITE ; VEIN Kengeri, Bengalore District, Karnataka. QUARTZ; MILKY Mysore, Karnataka.
QUARTZ; ROSY Dindigul, Salem District Tamil Nadu. QUARTZ;TRANSPARENT ; PEBBLES Kangayam, Coimbattor District, Tamil Nadu QUARTZ;ROCK CRYSTALS Kangayam, Coimbattor District, Tamil Nadu
QUARTZ ; SMOKY Kangayam, Coimbattor District, Tamil Nadu STEATITE;DARKGREY Doddanahally,Hasan District,Karnataka. SERPENTINE Byrapur, Hasan District, Karnataka
SULPHUR Tevadahally, Hasan District, Karnataka. TALK ; CREAM Rajastan ACTINOLITE Heggadadevanakote, Karnataka.
AGATE - BLUISH Maloli, Pune District, Maharastra. AMETHYST Kangayam, Coimbattor District, Tamil Nadu ANDALUSITE Doddaballapur, Bengalore District, Karnataka.
APOPHYLLITE ; GREENISH Nanded, Pune District, Maharastra. BARYTES;REDDISH Jankal,Karnataka. BENTONITE Jaisalmer, Rajastan
CHROMITE Byrapur, Hasan District, Karnataka. HORNBLENDE;GREENISH Sindhuvally,Hasan District,Karnataka.   

List of Hand Specimens of Rocks(Petrology)   

GRANITE ;Grey ; Coarse Grained Mallasandra, Bangalore District , Karnataka. PINK GRANITE ; Fine Grained Chamundi Hills Mysore, Karnataka. GRANITE PORPHYRY with Phynocrysts of pink feldspar Raichur, Karnataka.
PEGMATITE ; white Taridalu Kolar District, Karnataka. GABBRO Maddur, Karnataka. SYENITE PORPHYRY Kodiyala, Mandya District, Karnataka.
DIORITE PORPHYRY ; Mottled pinkish peehally, Mandya District, Karnataka. DOLERITE ; Coarse Grained Doddaballapur, Bangalore District, Karnataka. DUNITE Sindhuvalli, Karnataka.
HORNBLENDE SCHIST Huvinahally, Karnataka. GNEISS Bettahalli, Bangalore District , Karnataka. BANDED GNEISS Pinkish kanakapura, Karnataka.
AUGEN GNEISS Jayanagar, Bangalore District, Karnataka. SLATE Cuddapah, AndhraPradesh MICA SCHIST with staurolite Mangalapur, Hasan District, Karnataka.
HAEMATITE QUARTZITE Bellary, Karnataka. SAND STONE White Mudhol, Karnataka. SAND STONE Red Vindhyan, Badami, Karnataka.
CONGLOMERATE Bheemanapally, Andhra Pradesh. CONGLOMERATE Saundatti, Karnataka. SHALE ; Micaceous Tirumalai, Andhra Pradesh.
LIME STONE ; Sedimentary Konarameswar, Andhra Pradesh. CHARNOCKITE ; Coarse Pallavaram,Chennai, Tamil Nadu. LATERITE Bangalore District, Karnataka.
BASALT Fine Grained ; Greenish Mumbai, Maharastra. BASALT with Zeolites Prashan, Pune, Maharastra. AMYGDALOIDAL BASALT ; Blackish Grey Prashan, Pune, Maharastra.
BASALT VESICULAR Nasic, Maharastra. MARBLE ; white mottled Makrana, Rajastan. MARBLE ; pink Makrana, Rajastan.
LEPTINITE Madhurai District, Tamil Nadu. GRANO DIORITE Karithimmanahally, Bangalore District, Karnataka. LAMPROPHYRE Anandur, Mandhya District, Karnataka.
AMPHIBOLITE Kamalapur, Hasan District, Karnataka. CHLORITE SCHIST Doddakadanur, Hasan District, Karnataka. HORNBLENDE GNEISS Chittoor, Andhra Pradesh.
CORUNDUM BEARING PEGMATITE with Tourmaline Kalyadi, Hasan District, Karnataka. QUARTZITE with muscovite Belavadi, Chikmagalur District, Karnataka. SERPENTINE ; GREENISH Byrapur, Hasan District, Karnataka.
MARL Chittoor, Andhra Pradesh. QUARTZITE Cuddapah, AndhraPradesh LIMESTONE ; BROWN Konarameswar, Andhra Pradesh.
LIMESTONE ; GREENISH Konarameswar, Andhra Pradesh. PITCHSTONE Bihar,India. TRAP Gulbarga, Karnataka.
SYENITE Koppal, Karnataka. TALK SCHIST Karnataka, India. DOLORITE ; SHOWING WEATHERING Doddaballapur, Bengalore District, Karnataka.
GRANITE ; SHOWING WEATHERING Bengalore District, Karnataka. SYNENITE GNEISS Madurai District, Tamilnadu.   

Strength of Materials lab

To impart the students the knowledge to understand the internal behavior of mechanical elements under the action of applied loads. To evaluate the mechanical and physical properties of steel, wood.

Sno Name of Equipment
1 Torsion Testing Machine
2 Universal Testing Machine
3 Impact Test (charpy & Izod)
4 Brinnel Hardness Apparatus
5 Rockwell Hardness Apparatus
6 Deflection for simply supported and cantilever beams

Fluid Mechanics Lab

This course is designed to explain basic concepts of fluid flow through various flow measuring devices, pipe bend, jets and propeller etc. It is expected to understand the basic concepts of flow in open channel, working principle of different types of turbines and pumps and similarity of model and prototype and to create in students awareness about the factors related to determination of efficiencies of hydraulic pumps and turbines.

Sno Name of Equipment
1 Venturi mete
2 Flow through pipe
3 Centrifugal pump
4 Impact of jets
5 Orifice meter
6 Bernolious Apparatus
7 Pelton Turbine
8 Francis Turbine

Environmental Engg. Lab

Identification of source, estimation of quantity required, treatment of water to the desired degree and conveyance of water to the community are the essential features of water supply. Students are expected to determine water quality, properties of wastewater and its analysis.

Sno Experiment Chemicals
1 pH Standard Buffer 4 Solution, Standard Buffer 7 Solution, Standard Buffer 9.2 Solution.
2 Turbidity Hydrazine sulfate, Hexamethylene titramine (CH2)6N4
3 Conductivity Anhydrous KCl
4 Chlorides Silver nitrate AgNO3, Sodium chloride NaCl Potassium chromate indicator solution
5 Iron HCl Hydroxylamine Ammonium Acetate Conc. (glacial) acetic acid. Sodium acetate 10-phenanthroline monohydrate KMnO4
6 DO Mangnous sulphates NaOH KI Sodium azide Starch Sodium thiosulphate Potassium bi-iodate
7 Sulphate Glycerol Ethyl alcohol Na2SO4 Barium chloride (BaCl2) crystals
8 Phosphorous Phenolphthalein indicator Ammonium molybdate Stannous chloride Anhydrous KH2PO4
9 BOD KH2PO4, K2HPO4, Na2HPO4.7H2O NH4Cl CaCl2 FeCl3.6H2O
10 COD Potassium dichromate Ag2SO4 Ferrous ammonium sulphate Ferroin indicator Mercuric sulphate
11 Coagulants FeCl3 Alum Al2Cl3
12 Alkalinity Sodium carbonate (Na2CO3) hydrochloric acid (HCl) Methyl orange indicator Phenolphthalein indicator.
13 Chlorine Demand Acetic Acid (glacial), Standard chlorine solution

Geotechnical Engg. Lab

The primary objective of this course is to equip the student with the knowledge of how to explore the soil, Determination of various properties of soil like water content, permeability and to conduct compaction test, shear test, consolidation test etc. on soil.

Sno Description of Item Quantity
1 Liquid Limit device 1 No
2 Plastic Limit set 1 No
3 Shrinkage Limit set 1 No
4 Field Density (core cutter) 1 No
5 Field Density (sand replacement method)  
  a) sand pouring cylinder small 1 No
  b) sand pouring cylinder large 1 No
6 sand pouring cylinder small  
  a) 4.75 mm 1 No
  b) 2.00 mm 1 No
  c) 1.00 mm 1 No
  d) 600 microns 1 No
  e) 425 microns 1 No
  f) 300 microns 1 No
  g) 150 microns 1 No
  h) 75 microns 1 No
7 Hydrometer 1 No
8 permeability apparatus  
  a) Falling head method 1 No
9 Constant head method 1 No
10 combined method 1 No
11 Sampling Tube 1 No
12 Loading Frame 1 No
13 consolidation Apparatus 1 No
14 Direct shear test apparatus 1 No
15 vane shear apparatus 1 No
16 Electronic Oven 1 No
17 Electronic Balance 1 No
18 california Bearing Ratio Test Apparatus 1 No
19 Unconfined Compression Test 1 No

Concrete Lab

This course is also designed to understand the properties and tests on cement, aggregates and concrete. It also covers the mix design of concrete. To evaluate the mechanical and physical properties of cement.

Sno Description of Item Quantity


Compression Testing Machine (200 tons)

1 No


Slump Test Apparatus

1 No


Flow Table

1 No


Compaction Factor Apparatus

1 No


Cube Moulds

12 Nos


HC 42.85 Cylindrical Moulds

04 Nos


Beam Moulds HC 42.50

08 Nos


Vicat Apparatus

04 Nos


Le - cahatelier Apparatus

06 Nos


Vibration Machine of Cement Cubes

1 No


Cement Cube Moulds

12 Nos


Gauging Trowel

12 Nos


Aggregate Thickness Gauge

1 No


Aggregate Length Gauge

1 No


Density Basket for determination of Sp.Gr.of aggregate

1 No


Set of Seives for Coarse Aggregate

1 No


Set of Seives for Fine Aggregate

04 Nos


Vibration Table

1 No


Tamping rods

04 Nos


Digital Weighing Machine (100kg)

1 No


Loading Frame along with accessories (100 tons)

1 No


Rapid Chlorine Penetration Test

1 No


Accelerated Corrosion

1 No


Pan Mixer

1 No


Muffle Furnace

1 No

Transportation Engineering Lab

The students are expected to design surface drainage system for pavements. Students are expected to conduct the experiments on Aggregates, Bituminous materials and mixes and also on subgrade soils to find out their properties.

Sno Name of Equipment
1 Apparatus for aggregate crushing test
2 Aggregate Impact testing machine
3 Pycnometers
4 Los angles Abrasion test machine
5 Deval's Attrition test machine
6 Bitumen penetration test setup
7 Bitumen Ductility test setup
8 Bitumen Ductility test setup.
9 Penskey - Morten's apparatus

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