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In a student's life, education is not solely about academics, rhetorical studies, lectures and seminars but about learning many more important social and life skills like leadership skills, group dynamics etc., Which are considered to be highly essential elements for a student to transform into successful engineer. And Vignan's Foundation for Science, Technology and Research University truly believes in this fact. To ensure sharpening of minds and strengthening of souls, the students of Vignan have built their own student body: the Student Activities Council.

The Student Activities Council of 80 members is elected annually from among the nominees and selections done through a democratic process involving a panel of faculty members and student representatives drawn from across all departments. It has a President, Vice Presidents, General Secretaries, Member Secretaries and a Treasurer, supported by a sub-structure of various committees, who plan, organize and execute a plethora of Co and Extracurricular events and competitions on campus. The student activities council has emerged truly on the distinct determination and inseparable co-ordination of the students in working towards success. SAC is the leading student programming board on campus. Here in vignan, SAC aids in providing meaningful and enjoyable, social, cultural and educational programs and events that appeal and are accessible to the widest group of students possible, both on and off campus.

This student activities council ensures the students that their journey in this campus is not just filled with intellectual studies but with more involvement of passion, interests and creativity. SAC extends its roots to every student who wants to develop professionally, socially, contribute to a team and be inspiringly successful.

SAC is diversified just as students are, into various departments leading to more a tension free and peaceful work atmosphere. Starting from team logistics, stage management, technical controls through media and public relations ending in literary, cultural, fine arts is the departmenting of this council. Student activities council is established to be a platform with fostering leadership, managerial skills and group dynamics. This is a stage where people with vivid as well as similar mindsets meet, initiate, discuss, share, and present their ideas. This council also envisions in students being able to manage and maintain good relations, networking and adapt the culture of work streams. Following a typical framework and conventional functioning policies, the student activities council will be active on a daily basis to keep up the spirits of the inhabitants of the campus.

Thus ,the student activities council being the most happening student body, is gripped as the backbone for all student activities and has grown , is growing and will grow to be the most efficient, reliable , effective student body. VFSTR's student activities council works according to its motto that there are no secrets to success. It's the preparation, hard work and learning from failure."

Planning and Execution of Institution clubs:
The best way to ever experience the vast spectrum of activities would be to join the various clubs .These clubs will help students to meet other enthusiasts and experts inthe fields and thus create the perfect learning environment, making the clubs a hugebank of collective knowledge which is passed from one batch to another.

There are 13 optional clubs categorized into four major groups such as cultural, Literary, fine arts and Innovators club which are overseen by the Student ActivitiesCouncil of the institution.

In addition to the conduction of club activities various events will be planned by the Student Activities council. On this regard an activity calendar of all the training activities organized under clubs and other activities will be interspersed by the Student Activities Council and it ensures their execution as per the schedule.

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