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         Students pursuing a degree in the Department of Food Technology from 2014 are exposed to a wide range of topics, including technical aspects of food processing, the chemistry involved in the processes, and the implementation of various analytical methods. The flexible academic curriculum and hands-on research opportunities enable both undergraduate and graduate students to acquire relevant skills and knowledge, preparing them for successful careers in various disciplines. In addition, the department’s incubation centre offers students the opportunity to gain practical experience by manufacturing and selling products such as chocolates and cookies. This provides students with valuable insights into the management required for selling a product, making them well-equipped for the industry.

  • firmly believes that hands-on experience is the key to truly understanding the concepts necessary for engineering. Our department provides ample opportunities for students to tackle real-world problems and find optimal solutions through experimentation. We also encourage students to attend seminars and conferences (National/International) within the field to broaden their knowledge and add a new perspective to what they learn in class. The combination of these initiatives, along with the guidance of our competent faculty, has led to successful student projects and fruitful outcomes
  • Completing a six-month industrial internship with top companies can provide students with valuable experience and skills that can help them transition smoothly into the workforce. This real-world exposure can allow them to learn and apply industry practices, preparing them for future employment opportunities
  • Vignan University’s Department of Food Technology hosts the local branch of AFSTI, known as AFSTI Guntur Chapter. This makes it a hub for various industries and stakeholders in the food processing sector, providing students with excellent opportunities to gain exposure to the vast world of food processing


    To evolve into a centre of excellence in Science and Technology through creative and innovative practices in teaching, learning towards promoting academic achievement and research excellence to produce internationally accepted, competitive and world class Food Technology professionals who are psychologically strong and emotionally balance imbued with social consciousness and ethical values.

  • To provide high quality academic programmes, training activities, research facilities and opportunities supported by continuous industry-institute interaction aimed at promoting employability, entrepreneurship, leadership and research aptitude among the students.
  • Offering state of the art curriculum with innovative practices in teaching learning to perceive career in Food Technology and aligned fields.

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