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         With a solid foundation in the principles and practice of Food Technology, the graduates are ready to engage in ethical approaches to Technology, with a concern for society and the environment. To meet these requirements. The curriculum is effectively designed and updated periodically in line with vision and mission of the Department. Similarly, the program at the postgraduate level aligns academic course work with focused research to prepare postgraduates in Food Processing Technology specialization within the field of mechanical engineering. The Department attributes its success to the creative and innovative outlook of its students. We encourage our students to participate in various conferences/technical symposiums, co-curricular and extra-curricular activities. Besides this, students will undergo semester long Internship and summer Industrial Training programs to get hands-on experience in Industries. Final year students of the Department are encouraged to go abroad, to do Foreign Internship or to study special courses under Foreign Exchange program.

The Department has a team of highly qualified and experienced faculty members with right mix of specializations drawn from various reputed institutes such as IITs, NITs and other Universities. All the faculty members are involved in research activities and publish high end research articles besides regular academic activities. The Department of Food Technology holds its strength in its faculty, state of art infrastructure, innovative teaching methodology, and regular student counselling sessions which plays a role of a catalyst in sharpening the skills of an average student into a confident, highly employable technologists who keeps abreast of the latest and rapidly changing technological trends in the market.


To evolve into a centre of excellence in Science and Technology through creative and innovative practices in teaching, learning towards promoting academic achievement and research excellence to produce internationally accepted, competitive and world class Food Technology professionals who are psychologically strong and emotionally balance imbued with social consciousness and ethical values.

  • To provide high quality academic programmes, training activities, research facilities and opportunities supported by continuous industry-institute interaction aimed at promoting employability, entrepreneurship, leadership and research aptitude among the students.
  • Offering state of the art curriculum with innovative practices in teaching learning to perceive career in Food Technology and aligned fields.

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