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      The Department of Physics at the School of Applied Sciences & Humanities was formally established in 2018 as a division and then as a department in 2022.The department of physics at VFSTR has faculty derived from institutes of national importance like IIT, NIT, and central and prominent state universities. The faculty are involved in forefront research areas of physics like condensed matter physics, optoelectronics, thin films, and energy harvesting materials. The department places emphasis on multidisciplinary research, and to support the research activity, the department has one research center on thin films and a solid-state physics research laboratory for the synthesis of materials, in addition to the Centre of Excellence for Materials Characterization. Furthermore, as evidenced by their numerous national and international peer-reviewed publications, our faculty members have been able to secure external funding from various external scientific funding agencies (DST, CSIR, etc.). The department caters to the needs of core engineering departments by offering physics courses, including open electives and minor courses, for engineering students. The department also offers a Ph.D. program in physics.

To produce competent professionals through innovative practices and to be on the forefront of applied research.

Promoting students' academic and research aptitude by the dissemination of knowledge combining Science and Engineering perspectives through the provision of high quality programs.

Support to UG Programmes:
The department Supports all branches of Engineering by offering the courses related to Physics at entry level including open electives at a later stage.


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