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     The institution provides rich scope and facilities for different clubs like literary, cultural, sports and fine arts. These clubs offer a platform for students to exhibit their innate and latent talents in the areas of their interest.For facilitating students to conduct and participate in the wide spectrum of recreational activities,the institution has well planned infrastructure.

  • Open-air Theatres: Two spacious open-air theatres are available with a capacity of 1500 to 2000 students for the use of different co-curricular and extra curricular activities as well as to conduct mega events like Vignan Mahostav (A National Level Youth Festival).

  • Seminar Halls: State of the art Seminar and Gallery halls in both the Visweswaraiah and Aryabhatta blocks give scope for conduction of Intra- Departmental literary, cultural events.

  • Sports Facilities: The campus is equipped with facilities for all outdoor games like cricket, football, volleyball, tennis, basketball, and a 400-meter track athletics. An Indoor Sports Complex offers provision for indoor games like table tennis, badminton etc.

  •      To keep the students motivated,the physical educational department under the supervision of a well qualified Physical Director conducts intramurals round the year for keeping the sports persons well practiced and ready to participate whenever, there is a state level or national level event.

    Sports Facilities   

    Out door Games   
  • Athletics Track (400mts) - 1

  • Volley Ball Courts - 9

  • Lawn Tennis - 2 (Clay courts)

  • Indoor Games   
  • Table Tennis Boards - 2

  • Carroms and Chess

  • Girls Play Arena   
  • Ball Badminton - 2

  • Foot Ball Field - 1

  • Basket Ball Court - 2

  • Tennicoit - 7

  • Throw Ball - 3

  • Sports Facilities   


    Basket Ball



    Kho Kho

    Table Tennis



    Throw Ball

    Volley Ball

    Sports Moments   

    Mahosthav Celebrations 2020

    Mahotsav 2018 Sports Fete

    Sports Fete Dec 2018

    National Sports Day 2019

    National Sports Day 2018

    National Sports Day 2017

    Fit India Movement

    Mahotsav Slideshow 2020

    Sports and Games (MSK Prasad)

    Sports Day

    Sports Achievements   

    Sports and Games achievements

    Sports Reflections   

    Haji Ali Sk

    Suleman Ali Sk

    Tejaswi Boyapati

    Venkatesh Thatha

    Lakshmi Harika







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