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Program Name B.Tech in Bio-Technology
Level Under Graduation
Program Specific Enquiries 0863-2344781
Admission Enrollment and General Enquiries 0863-2344777, 1800-425-2529
HoD Contact Number 9440984668

   Biotechnology Placement Brochure 2017-18

Scope for Employment :

The scope for this field is immense as the demand for Biotechnologists is growing both at home and abroad. Large scale employment in research laboratories run by the government as well as the corporate sector,has made Bio-technology one of the fast growing sectors today. Employment record shows that Biotechnology will have great scope in future.

Biotechnology Industry in India :

Biotechnology in India began during the mid-1980s and is currently concentrated within the large domestic or multinational drug firms. There are about 1000 firms in India with biotechnology-related activities.The Indian Biotech industry employs more than 20,000 people and is estimated to grow to 30,000(research 50%, technical/services 35%, manage-ment 15%) in the next 5 years. A number of companies which have entered this field, some of them with foreign collaborations,have opened up tremendous job opportunities. The industry is not only using recombinant DNA technology but also applying biotechnology principles to various biotech-based areas viz. floriculture, tissue culture and industrial application of biotechnology like enzymes industry, fermentation & bio-chemicals etc. Several private industries viz. pharmaceuticals, breweries, sugarcane institutes and science foundations are working on various fields like new drug development, improved products and processes, new breeds, tissue culture, bio-pesticides and enzyme production etc.

Eligibility to appear Entrance Examination:
A student who qualified intermediate (10+2) with MPC (Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry), BiPC (Biology, Physics and Chemistry) or MbiPC (Mathematics, Biology Physics and Chemistry)

Program Description :

Biotechnology is a discipline where basic and applied sciences work along with the engineering principles together. It is an industrial and research oriented branch which is a combination of Biology and Technology and covers a wide variety of subjects like Genetics, Biochemistry, Microbial technology, Immunology, Nanotechnology, Bioprocess Engineering,Health and Medicine, Plant and Animal Biotechnoology, Genetic Engineering, Down Stream Processing, Phytochemicals,Herbal Medicines, Food Science & Technology, Cell Biology and Bioinformatics etc. The multibillion dollar biotechnology industry in a broad sense uses organisms, cells or molecules, isolated to make products or processes having large applications benefiting the sectors of health, agriculture, animal resources, aquaculture, energy, forest, environments etc.
The work of Biotechnologists,the most versatile of all engineers, involves the isolation, preservation, modification, culturing of microorganisms, design, erection, operation and management of bioprocesses in industries. So,they combine the work of several fields such as those of microbiologists, chemical engineers, chemists, industrial engineers, materials engineers as well as software engineers. Biotechnologists are responsible for the availability of suitable and high yield producing microorganisms that are essential for running an industrial economy. They operate bioprocess plants as well as determine the problems and find the best methods of production. The course also equips graduates to seek jobs in the expanding Bioinformatics industry. As many as eight courses related to Bioinformatic industry are incorporated, into the program so that a graduate can make a seamless entry in to the Bioinformatic industry.
At Vignan Universtity, we provide a high-quality education that will prepare graduates to assume leadership positions within the bioprocess and associated industries. We foster and encourage the pursuit of new knowledge and innovative scholarship in the Biotechnology, Bioinformatics and Management. The teaching is done in modern classrooms and research is carried out in state-of-the-art laboratory facilities. We provide support to students through scholarship, interactive teaching and counseling. An opportunity is also provide in the curriculum to a student to adapt the IT sector by means of number of IT and Bioinformatics related courses.

Professional Outcomes :

The graduate after passing out of Vignan University Apply chemical, biological, and physical concepts to problem-solving and job performance in a biotechnology environment.

  Perform quantitative and qualitative analyses and tests using appropriate laboratory procedures, and interpret the results.

Perform standard cell culture procedures under aseptic conditions, for use in quality control, research, product development, or manufacturing in a biotechnology environment.

Perform molecular biology procedures for use in quality control, research, product development, or manufacturing in a biotechnology environment.

Perform laboratory duties in compliance with law, legislation, and regulations,* policies, and procedures relevant to occupational health, safety, environmental, and ethical practices.

Prepare, maintain, interpret, and communicate scientific data effectively.

Apply management practices in the biotechnology workplace.

Develop a plan for continued professional growth.

Recognize the scope, nature, and ethical implications of biotechnology and its influence on society.

A biotechnologist can seek employment as process engineers and quality control managers with biotech or pharmaceutical industries :

Biotechnologists are also employed in chemical / agriculture and allied industries

Well-established biotechnology companies employ biotechnologists in environmental remediation and energy sector.

Biotech research institutes / laboratories provide job opportunities such as those of scientist / research officers etc.

  Biotechnologists are employed in large number as scientists in R&D laboratories

Other alternative work areas are business executives/marketing mangers, quality control, food manufacturing, aquaculture, faculty positions etc.

Job opportunities extend to Universities, medical colleges and government labs.

The National Institute of Immunology, New Delhi; The Centre for DNA Fingerprint and Diagnostics, Hyderabad; Biochemical Engineering Research and Process Development Centre, Chandigarh; The Institute of Genomic and Integrative Biology, Delhi, are some of the internationally reputed institutions that appoint biotech scientists.

Work Experience,Internships & Research :

Students are encouraged for the Industrial Internship Program under the supervision of a senior faculty member. Typically, this internship takes place during the summer of the student's third year, and lasts for 6 weeks. Such internships play a valuable role in giving students a taste of industrial research and help them establish a network of contacts outside the University. The students also learn new techniques on state-of-the-art equipment, and return to the University laboratories with fresh ideas and a better sense of where the challenges lie within their learning area. We have already signed MoU's with some industries and are in process to sign MoUs with some more.

Some of the key benefits of this program are :

Opportunity to apply the class room learnt knowledge to the industrial challenges

Chance to develop valuable professional relationships

Opportunity to connect with potential employers

Students understand the corporation's working style and expectations after recruitment procedure

The Industrial Internship Programme has been established to provide an opportunity for students to obtain a practical industrial learning experience.The idea is to expose them to the world of work such that they appreciate the deviations from theory at the ground level.

These assignments not only give the students on-the-job training but also give them real life exposure enabling them to gain a wider and a richer perspective of the industrial environment.

Students participating in this programme inculcate the qualities like Sound practical skills, Good interpersonal skills, Effective communication skills, Ability to work both independently and as part of a team.

Combined Degrees :

Students can combine this programme with any other undergraduate degree to suit their professional interests. The four year B.Tech. Programme is designed in such a way that, a graduate of this programme can be absorbed very easily in the Biotechnology Core Industry or can go for higher studies such as M.Tech / MS in Biotechnology/Bioinformatics/Biomedical Engg, MS in Pharmacy, MS in IT or MBA. We, at Vignan also believe that a proper orientation towards management programmes leads to self discipline and motivation towards career, hence a variety of management programmes are also incorporated in the curriculum. This enables the graduate of this programme to get admission into an MBA programme. To facilitate the student to appear to the civil examinations comfortably, syllabi of prelims and mains are included.

I Year (R16 Regulation) I Semester
Code Subject L T P C
16HS101 Basic Mathematics-I 3 1 2 5
16HS102 Engineering Physics 3 - - 3
16HS105 Technical English Communication 3 - 2 4
16CS101 Basics of Computers and Internet 3 - 2 4
16CS102 Computer Programming 3 1 2 5
16EE101 Basics of Engineering Products 3 - 2 4
16HS104 English Proficiency and Communication Skills - - 2 1
16HS110 Engineering Physics Laboratory - - 3 2
Total 18 2 15 28
I Year (R16 Regulation) II Semester
Code Subject L T P C
16HS106 Basic Mathematics-II 3 1 2 5
16HS107 Engineering Chemistry 3 - - 3
16ME101 Engineering Graphics 1 - 3 3
16EE102 Basics of Electrical and Electronics Engineering 3 - 2 4
16HS109 Environmental Science and Technology 2 - - 2
16BT102 Bioproducts and Bioentrepreneurship 3 1 - 4
16HS111 Engineering Chemistry Laboratory - - 3 2
16ME103 Work shop Practice - - 3 2
Total 15 2 13 25
II Year (R16 Regulation)

III Semester

Code Subject L T P C
16HS202 Probability & Statistics 3 1 - 4
16MS201 Management Science 3 - - 3
16BT201 Biochemistry 3 - 2 4
16BT202 Cell Biology 3 - 2 4
16BT203 Microbiology 3 - 2 4
16BT204 Process Engineering Principles 3 1 - 4
  Employability and Life Skills Elective - - - 1-3
Total 18 2 6 24-26
II Year (R16 Regulation)

IV Semester

Code Subject L T P C
CS218 Genetics 3 1 - 4
16BT206 Heat and Mass Transfer 3 - 2 4
16BT207 Instrumental Methods of Biological Analysis 3 - 2 4
16BT208 Molecular Biology 3 - 2 4
16EL102 Soft Skills Lab - - 2 1
  Department Elective - - - 4
  Department / Open Elective - - - 3-4
  Employability and Life Skills Elective - - - 1-3
Total 12 1 8 25-28
III Year (R16 Regulation)

V Semester

Code Subject L T P C
16BT301 Biochemical Reaction Engineering 3 - 2 4
16BT302 Biosensors 3 1 - 4
16BT303 Enzyme Technology 3 - 2 4
16BT304 Industrial Biotechnology 3 1 - 4
16EL103 Professional Communication Lab - - 2 1
  Department Elective - - - 4
  Department / Open Elective - - - 3-4
  Employability and Life Skills Elective - - - 1-3
Total 12 2 6 25-28
III Year (R16 Regulation)

VI Semester

Code Subject L T P C
16HS301 Professional Ethics 2 - - 2
16BT305 Bioethics and Intellectual Property Rights 3 1 - 4
16BT306 Bioprocess Engineering 3 - 2 4
16BT307 Genetic Engineering and Epigenetics 3 - 2 4
16BT308 Thermodynamics for Biotechnologists 3 - - 3
  Department Elective - - - 4
  Department / Open Elective - - - 3-4
  Employability and Life Skills Elective - - - 1-3
Total 14 1 4 25-28
IV Year (R16 Regulation)

VII Semester

Code Subject L T P C
16BT401 Nanobiotechnology 3 - - 3
16BT402 Bioinformatics 3 - 2 4
16BT403 Down Stream Processing 2 - 2 3
16BT404 Genomics and Proteomics 3 - 2 4
16BT405 Immunology and Immunoinformatics 3 - 2 4
  Department Elective - - - 4
  Department / Open Elective - - - 3-4
  Employability and Life Skills Elective - - - 1-3
Total 14 - 8 26-29
IV Year (R16 Regulation)

VIII Semester

Code Subject L T P C
16BT411/16BT412 Project Work / Internship - - 30 15
Total - - 30 15
    L=Lecture;    T=Tutorial;    P=Practicals;    To=Total; C=Credits;

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