Dept. of Biotechnology

Patents Filed   

  • Patent Name: "A novel alkaline laccase from a marine bacterium: isolation and preparation thereof"
    Inventor: Mr. Karlapudi Abraham Peele, Dr. Ravuru Bharath Kumar, Department of Biotechnology, Vignan's Foundation for Science, Technology & Research (Deemed to be University) & Dr Kodali Vidya Prabhakar & Mr.Ch Ravi Teja (Department of Biotechnology, Vikrama Simhapuri University, Kakuturu, Venkatachalam Mandal, Nellore, Andhra Pradesh).
    Patent filed on : 07/04/2017
    Application No: 201741012684

  • Patent Name: "A oral composition dentifrice void of chemicals"
    Inventors: N.S. Sampath Kumar, Sheik Shaheena, D. VijayaRamu, S. Krupanidhi
    Country: India
    Patent No.: 5641/CHE/2015
    Filed on:20th October, 2015
    Published: 6th November 2015

  • Patent Name: "An apparatus and a method for the biotransformation of the domestic vegetable scrap into manure compost oral composition dentifrice void of chemicals"
    Inventors: Prof.S.Krupanidhi, Mrs Jampala Harshitha, Dr. Sunil Kumar and Prof. J. Wong
    Country: India
    Patent No.: 5642/CHE/2015
    Filed on: 20th October, 2015
    Published: 6th November 2015

  • Research Projects List

  • Year wise Publications   

    Apart from imparting the general subject knowledge to the students and guiding them in their project work (s), the faculty members are encouraged at every level to pursue their research and publish papers periodically and also attend conferences on a regular basis. They are also encouraged to go for higher studies when ever possible. Research is mostly encouraged where there is not only global application (s) but also down - to - earth applications of immediate surroundings and the society.

    Department of Biotechnology has initiated research on thrust areas like   

  • Production of chemicals from biowaste.

  • Production and synthesis of plant based active components.

  • Microbial activity of selected endemic and endangered medicinal plant species.

  • Micropropagation of economically important plants.

  • Extraction essential enzymes from soil microorganisms.

  • Bioseperation of heavy metals from industrial effluents.

  • Biofertilisers and Eco-friendly technologies.

  • Bioinformatics - Computational identification of candidate genes causing glaucoma.

  • Bioinformatics - Structure prediction of proteins sequence from Agaricus sp.

  • Research (Extention Activities)   
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