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      The objective of the M.A. English program is to prepare students for a host of competently productive and remunerative careers like teaching, publishing, and translating. The course of instruction will provide graduates with substantial input in writing and presentation skills,as well as scholarly traditions and pedagogical practices for teaching English in the Indian ESOL context.

In accomplishing the prerequisite, graduates will upskill in reporting techniques and writing for media & business fields through a study and analysis of literary texts,popular discourses, and content from different media sources, finally extrapolating the findings of the study and competing with future publications.

To stimulate and develop the language competence and critical thinking of the students through teaching and research and to enrich the department as a centre for academic excellence and high-quality research.

To offer well advanced, career-oriented, foreign language, post graduate and research programmes imparting professional knowledge, employability and life skills, as well as inculcating a vision of community growth and development and strong ethical values.

  • To develop in the students a sensibility for the English language and literature by including works of world literature in the syllabi, promoting research in new areas and on inter-disciplinary topics.
  • To help students remove the hurdles in the way of learning English and making the classroom a hub for academic activity and for opening up the latent potential of the students so as to develop their personality too.

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