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     Although Artificial Intelligence dramatically improves our world in many ways, there are notable concerns regarding the forthcoming impact of Al on employment and the workforce. There are predictions talking about millions of unemployed people in the next decades-primarily due to the impact of Intelligent Automation and AI systems. In such scenarios, young graduates must equip themselves with multitude talents to overcome the uncertainty and secure a meaningful job, which not only provides avenues to contribute to the development of society but also for professional growth, India's most coveted government jobs like IAS, IPS, IFS etc. provides such avenues, where one can contribute to society as well as excel in professional career.

The VFSTR offers an unique academic ecosystem to transform the lives of the students and to shape them as responsible citizens, who can confront any challenges in the society and be able to find solutions to outstanding problems of the country. As a testimony, the VFSTR has produced two all India Rankers to serve in All India Administrative Service (IAS), many students trained to crack the different competitive examination, and to participate in different all India competitions throughout their academic career in the campus.

VFSTR has constituted a committee of advisors, consists of Dr. M. Malakondaiah, former DGP of Andhra Pradesh, A. Sridhar Babu (IAS), Secretary, Tabacoo Board, Guntur, AP, M. Surya Teja (IAS), Assistant Collector, Anantapuram, AP along with in-house faculty, with rich academic backgrounds from prestigious institution in the country, to offer special civil services coaching for the students with strong academics and passion to pursue career in coveted posts like IAS, IPS, IFS etc.

To provide dynamic and most appropriate training and mentor the students to ensure their early success in the competitive exams.

The civil services programme at VFSTR aims to offer a unique and exciting career prospects that demands ability to face challenges and assume social and organizational leadership roles


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  • Program Highlights:

  • Vibrant and dedicated in-house faculty team for internal support
  • Seasoned and expert faculty invited from reputed institution
  • Well-structured programme covering basics to advanced concepts in all key papers of General Studiest
  • Seasoned and expert faculty invited from reputed institution
  • Regular seminars, assignments combined with periodical assessment ensuring expected learning outcomes.
  • Exclusive study materials of leading institutions together with support of digital sources for a comprehensive preparation of all phases Prelims, Mains and interview
  • Students are motivated to participate in social out-reach programmes for example: Kerala Flood Relief programme organized by NSS.
  • A regular interaction is organized with bureaucrats on the field to attain a pragmatic approach towards the service.
  • Some periodic sessions to strengthen the preparation of the students, a constant motivation to sustain the interest of the students

  • The objectives of the coaching programme are as follows:

  • To prepare the students for various competitive examinations.
  • To make students thorough and provide them with conceptual clarity on the various components of general studies.
  • To make the aspirants of civil services well versed with current events of national and international importance
  • To enhance their ethical decision-making skills
  • To hone the writing skills of the aspirants

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