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      Since its formal inception initially as a division in 2018 and followed by a department in 2022, the Department of Chemistry under the School of Applied Sciences and Humanities at VFSTR (Vignan’s Foundation for Science, Technology, and Research) has emerged as a dynamic and cutting-edge academic hub that thrives on creativity and scientific discovery. The department, comprised of highly qualified professors, researchers, and enthusiastic students, is dedicated to creating a profound grasp of the fundamental principles of chemistry and its many applications through various academic and research endeavors. Students are encouraged to participate in hands-on experiments in laboratories and research facilities that are state-of-the-art, promoting a practical and experiential learning style.

To be recognised as a centre of excellence in chemistry through creative and innovative practices in teaching-learning and research activities, thus driving transformative progress to produce internationally accepted, competitive, and competent professionals with social consciousness and ethical values.

To provide high-quality academic programmes, training activities, research facilities, and opportunities supported by continuous industry-institute interaction aimed at promoting employability, entrepreneurship, leadership, and research aptitude among students and contributing to the economic and technological development of the region, state, and nation.

Support to UG Programmes:
Support for all the B. Tech. Courses related to Chemistry and Environment Studies for the programmes offered by other core Departments at VFSTR


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