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      The Department of Management Studies (DMS) started functioning from 2009 with the twin objectives of providing quality management education to students coming from predominantly rural background and catering to the dynamic needs of the corporate world. It offers a two-year full-time MBA Programme, and three-year under graduate (BBA) Programme in management and also a Doctoral Programme. Our contemporary management programmes recognize the importance of leadership, promotion of innovative and entrepreneurial behavior and corporate social responsibility.


UG Programmes

  • BBA

  • PG Programmes

  • M.B.A

  • Ph.D Programme

  • Ph.D in Management

  • Vision:
    To be a centre of excellence in management education and extend our expertise of management concepts and applications to produce ethical leaders who bring positive change in the society.

    To advance knowledge through high quality academic programs, training activities, research facilities and opportunities supported by continuous industry - institute interaction aimed at employability, entrepreneurship, leadership and research aptitude among students and develop leaders so as to serve business and society.

          The curriculum is designed to suit the industry requirement. The pedagogy provides real time exposure and hands on training to the students to understand and analyze the complex business situations. The student activities are designed to achieve educational objectives according to Bloom's Taxonomy viz., Knowledge, Comprehension, Application, Analysis, Synthesis, and Evaluation. Recognizing the hierarchical nature of these objectives, the Department has designed its curriculum and learning activity. The Department is acknowledged for its research, excellent teaching and learning activity in an intellectually stimulating environment. By taking advantage of training given at SMS, our alumni are placed in prestigious organizations as managers and in leadership positions representing all verticals and sectors.

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