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Dept. of Management Studies

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      The Board of Studies for Department of Management is constituted with eminent academicians from renowned B-Schools and experts from Industry.This will help in ensuring quality Curriculum with the changing needs in Congruence with the Industry.

BoS Constitution: (Management Studies)
Sno Name Details Role
1 Dr. Sarita Satpathy HoD
2 Dr. C.Chakrapani Professor, IMT, Hyderabad
External Member
3 Mr. Shyam Vishnu Botla Director of sale, Track IT Solutions, HYD
External Member(Industry)
4 Dr. V. Rama Devi Associate Professor, School of Management, NIT, Warangal
Invited Member
5 Dr. Abhilash Ponnam Professor, IMT, Hyderabad
Invited Member
6 Dr. B.M. Rao Professor
Internal Member
7 Dr. K. Kalpana Professor
Internal Member
( Nominee- Dean, R&D)
8 Mr. D. Vijayakrishna Associate Professor
Internal Member
(Nominee- School Dean)
9 Dr. B. Srinivasa Rao Professor
Internal Member
10 Dr. Lakshmi Narayanamma Associate Professor
Internal Member
11 Dr. K. Phani Kumar Associate Professor
Internal Member
12 Dr. Apoorva Asssiatant Professor
Internal Member
13 Dr. A. Sai Manideep Asssiatant Professor
Internal Member
13 Dr. Ch. Hymavathi Associate Professor

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