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Program Name M.Tech in Emmbedded Systems
Level Post Graduation
Program Specific Enquiries 0863-2344735
Admission Enrollment and General Enquiries 0863-2344777, 1800-425-2529
HoD Contact Number 7989672766 / 9703551269
Program Description:

Today's life style demands that all walks of life has many embedded systems being integrated and as such the most widely used enabling technology. These calls for trained human resources in this area and also trained human resources are in high demand in this specialization. Vignan university identified this demand and create a PG specialization in Embedded systems so that students are trained in system software, firmware, development, hardware programming, hardware software codesign, and system level testing, verification of such systems. More than 3 billion embedded systems in use a huge demand is there for this specialization of varying categories and thus job opportunities are availbel to statisfy varying interests and aspirations of the students.

Professional Outcomes:

The students will become professionals with advanced knowledge of the respective field who can serve industry, R&D organizations and can take up an academic career, including further studies in a relevant Ph. D program.

Work Experience,Internships and Research:

We have tied up with some industries to offer projects and internships to our students. This should help our students to have hands on experience and knowledge of the industry environment.

I Year (R17 Regulations)

I Semester

Code Subject L T P C
17ES001 Microcontrollers for Embedded System 3 - 3 5
17ES003 Embedded System Design Concepts 3 1 - 5
17ES005 Embedded Programming 3 0 3 5
17ES007 Embedded Networking 3 1 0 4
  Elective - 1 3 1 0 4
  Elective - 2 3 1 0 4
Total Semester Credits 26
I Year (R17 Regulation)

II Semester

Code Subject L T P C
17HS001 Research Methods 3 0 0 3
17ES002 Ad-hoc Sensor Networks 3 0 3 5
17ES004 Design of IoT systems 3 - 3 5
17ES006 Embedded Linux 3 1 - 4
17ES008 Embedded System Design with FPGA 3 1 0 4
  Elective - 3 3 1 0 4
  Elective - 4 3 1 0 4
Total Semester Credits 29
II Year

III Semester

Code Subject L T P C
17PR001 Project/ Internship Phase 1 - - - 15
Total 15
II Year

IV Semester

Code Subject L T P C
17PR002 Project/ Internship Phase 2 - - - 15
Total 15
Pool of Electives

Code Subject
17ES009 Plastic Introduction To Internet Of Things
17ES011 Soft Computing
17ES013 Adaptive Signal Processing
17ES015 System On Chip Design
17ES017 Digital Image And Video Processing
17ES019 Data Communications
17ES021 Neural Networks & Fuzzy Systems
17ES023 Scripting Languages( Common To Vlsi)
17ES010 Risc Processors Architecture And Programming
17ES012 Micro Electro Mechanical System
17ES014 Dsp Processors
17ES016 Computer Architecture And Parallel Processing
17ES018 Robotics And Automation
17ES020 Cryptography And Network Security
17ES022 Smart Instrumentation
17ES024 Wireless Communications And Networks

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