विज्ञान शास्त्र प्रौद्योगिकी और परिशोधन संगठन
విజ్ఞాన శాస్త్ర సాంకేతిక పరిశోధనా సంస్థ


S.No Particulars Designation
1 Dr. N. Usha Rani, Professor, Dept of ECE Chairperson
2 Dr. A. Sharada, Professor, Dept of S & H Member
3 Dr. D. Venkatesulu, Professor of AAC Member
4 Dr. D. Venkata Rao, Professor, Dept of Mech. Engg Member
5 Dr. B. Nagalatha, Associate Professor of Law Member
6 Ms. Vasireddy Priyabhandavi, Secretary
Dr. Kodali Veeraiah Educational Academy
7 Mrs. V. Yoga Bharathi, Office Supdt, Registrar's Office Member
8 Mrs. G. Bhanumathi, Sr Asst, PA to Chairman Member
9 Ms. Lakshmi Prasanna, Research Scholar(19FG05204) Dept of ECE Student Member
10 Ms. Bhavani (201FA18031), Dept of CSE Student Member
11 Ms. K. P. Meenakshi (21FCO1006), Dept of MBA Student Member
12 Ms. B. Keerthana(201FA05005) Dept of ECE Student Member
13 Ms. Sk. Shakira(201FA01123) Dept of BT Student Member
14 Ms. Ch. V. L. Priya Pavani(201FA15083)Dept of FT Student Member

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