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      The disciplines of Automobile Engineering and Agriculture Engineering have been converged to Department of Applied Engineering. Here, the students are exposed to a wide range of topics within the field, including the technical aspects on systems design and implementation. The flexible academic curricula and hands-on research opportunities prepare the undergraduate and graduate students for successful careers in a multitude of disciplines. Live projects like battery operated car, ornithopter and greenhouses for vegetables and fruits, managed completely by students are examples of initiatives taken by the Department.


To contribute in building sustainable and developed India through application of diversified engineering technologies with the aim of benefiting society as a whole.

  • To create an ably ambiance for flourishing creativity and knowledge in tomorrow's innovators, leaders and research scholars.
  • To provide intellectually stimulant environment for developing outstanding students with self reliance, social responsibility and ethical values.
  • To support the India's backbone through implementing agritechnologies and rural upliftment programmes.

  •       Automobile Engineering deals with designing the vehicle, manufacturing new products, repairing, and servicing vehicles. It is indeed a sub-branch of mechanical engineering and also known as automotive engineering or vehicle engineering, involving studying of motor systems, design, technology and many more. Automotive engineers are involved in almost every aspect of designing cars and trucks, from the initial concepts right through to manufacturing them. The curriculum prepares the students as knowledge seekers with fundamental knowledge, interdisciplinary problem solving skills, societal awareness, and confidence required to excel in their chosen professions.

          Agriculture Engineering provides inputs and trained manpower to the State of Andhra Pradesh towards making farming progressive through efficient use of natural resources like water, land and energy. Basically being agriculture dependent economy having small, medium and large farming groups, this course describes the possibility of incorporating the newest technologies into farming for increased productivity.

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