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Dept. of Applied Engg.

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The Applied Engg Department make use of Labs of Mechanical Engg labs like, Thermal Engg lab, Fluid Mechanics Lab, Hydraulic Machines Lab, Strength of Materials alb, Modeling & Simulation Lab, Metallurgy Lab, Production Technology Lab, Fuels & Lubricants Lab etc. It also uses Surveying & Leveling Lab of Civil Engg Discipline.
In addition, the Department is having the following exclusive labs:

 Irrigation Engineering Lab

Sno Name of the Equipment
1 Double Ring Infiltrometer
2 Notch Apparatus (Traingular, Trapezoidal and rectangular)
3 Open Pan Evaporimeter
4 Cup type Current Meter (Velocity Flow Measurement)
5 Soil Moisture Tension Meter (72")
6 Soil Moisture Tension Meter (24'')
7 IMD Raingauge
8 Rain Gauge Self Recording
9 Anemometer Cup Counter
10 Sun - Shine Recorder
11 Iron Scale (30 cm)
12 Tape 30 m
13 Alluminium Boxes (50g, 100g, 200g, 500g)
14 Hygrometer
15 Parshall flume
16 Pyranometer
17 Water Level Indicator (Sounder), 100 m range
18 Stop Watch
19 Thermometer
20 Soil Testing Equipment
21 Auger
22 Core Sampler
23 Beaker 50 ml
24 Beaker 100 ml
25 Beaker 250 ml
26 Beaker 500 ml
27 Beaker 1000 ml
28 Auto Level
29 Suspended Sediment Sampler
30 Bed Material Sampler
31 Constant head permeability apparatus
32 Falling head permeability apparatus
33 Handheld Mapping GPS
34 Munsell Soil Colour Charts
35 Planimeter
36 Sprinkler Irrigation Setup
37 Drip Irrigation Setup

 Farm Machinery Lab

Sno Name of Equipment
1 Two furrow reversible MB plough (Hydraulic operated)
2 Two furrow Disc plough
3 Rotavator -36 blades
4 Three bottom Ridger
5 Sub soiler
6 Rotary slasher/weeder (5')
7 Post hole digger(Basic machine frame+ Auger set (12" dia))
8 Seed cum fertilizer drill
9 Power sprayer with duster attachment (L 35 CC) Laxmi brand, 2-stroke, Tank capacity -10 l
10 Foot operated sprayer with suction pipe, delivery pipe-8m with high jet gun
11 Rocker sprayer, Formate company, with Suction pipe, Delivery pipe-10m, High jet pump
12 Lever Operated Knapsack sprayer , Tank capacity-16 l, lance with nozzzles
13 Compression sprayer, 8 litre capacity, Ganesh brand
14 battery sprayer, 12 V battery, 100 PSI, 16 litre tank
15 Two furrow reversible MB plough (Hydraulic operated)

 Automotive Chassis and Transmission lab

Sno Name of Equipment
1 Garage equipments & Tools
2 a)Car Washing Pump Set With Motor And tank
b) Greasing Gun
3 Diaphragm type clutch( Cut Section)
4 Synchromesh gearbox ( Cut Section)
5 Single Plate Clutch (Cut Section)
6 Multi plate Clutch(Cut Section)
7 Centrifugal Clutch(Cut Section)
8 Constant Mesh Gear Box ( Cut Section)
9 CVT ( Cut section)
10 Fluid flywheel and Torque Converter ( Cut section)
11 Semi automatic Transmission( Cut section)
12 Trisco Compression Guage
13 Trisco Vacuum guage
14 Nozzle Tester

 E Yantra LAB

Sno Name of Equipment
1 Fire bird V2560
2 Spark V robot
3 Fire Bird V P89V51RD2 adapter card
4 Fire Bird V LPC2148 adapter card
5 Zigbee Modules 100m range
6 Zigbee Modules Adapter
7 AVRISP mkll USB Programmer
8 Two axis camera pod with wireless camera
9 Rasberry Pi
10 USB TV Tuner for interfacing wireless camera with laptop
11 Metal gear servo motors
12 Sharp GP2D120C infrared sensor(4cm to 30cm)
13 Sharp GP2Y0A21YK0F infrared sensor(10 cm to 80 cm)
14 Sharp GP2Y0A02YK infrared range sensor(20cm to 150cm)
15 Sharp GP2Y0A710K0F infrared range sensors(100cm to 500cm)
16 Maxbotix ultrasonic range sensor
17 L3G4200 3 axis digital gyroscope
18 LSM303 3 axis digital accelerometer and 3 axis magnetometer
19 GPS receiver
20 Gyroscope accelerometer and GPS interfacing module for the robot
21 Servo motor based gripper kit for the fire bird V robot
22 Fire Bird V 8051 robot
23 Fire bird V hexapod Robotic research platform

 Farm Power LAB

Sno Name of Equipment
1 Tractor (MF 35)
2 SRACHI Power tiller
3 Amaron battery 90 AH

 Autotronics LAB

Sno Name of Equipment
1 System ofAutomobile electrical wiring
2 Multi point fuel injection demo board
3 Battery Exide
4 Battery hydrometer
5 High rate discharge battery tester
6 Battery Charger
7 battery Volt,Amps meter
8 Testing of Starter motors and generators
9 Demonstration board og electronic ignition system
10 Demonstration of dash board panel controls
11 Head lamp aligner
12 Multi function tester(Automotoive multimeter)
13 Testing of CDI coil
14 Testing of Spark plug
15 Testing of armature
16 Demonstration of ECU diagnostic system
17 Vignan Viranchi Electric vehicle

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