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      The department of Sciences and Humanities (S& H) at Vignan's Foundation for Science, Technology & Research (Deemed to be University) (VFSTR) has been offering First year B.Tech. program since the university's recognition in 2009 (before that, as a part of Vignan Engineering College since 1999). In addition, the department of S & H opened their B.Sc. program in Mathematics (with Statistics and Computer Science) in 2017 and has recently started Master's programmes in Chemistry (M. Sc. In Chemistry) and English (M. A. in English). The primary objective of the department is to inculcate basic knowledge in Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Environment Studies and English Language to build the foundation of engineering education for the students. For the effective conduction of the department, it is divided into 4 divisions (Division of Chemistry, Division of Physics, Division of Mathematics and Division of Humanities)based on the core disciplines. Apart from contributing to undergraduate and postgraduate programs, because of the active involvement of the faculty members of the department, it also offers Ph. D. programmes in Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and English. The department of S & H has also a few enrolments of foreign students from Syria, Sudan, and Afghanistan etc.along with Indian nationals.

To contribute to the evolution of VFSTR as a Centre of Excellence by providing a strong foundation for students in Science, Basic Technology and Humanities Courses to promote skills and research temperament with interdisciplinary thinking guided by ethical values.

  • Offering a comprehensive curriculum with an outcome-based approach to effectively integrate sciences and technical courses.
  • Providing ample laboratory facilities for integrated and experimental learning to realize the theoretical grasp of the concepts learned.
  • To promote holistic development by imparting Improved communication skills, ethical values and environmental consciousness.


          A good command and communication in English language is indispensable in the present world for the academic and professional growth of the technical students. Keeping that idea in mind, the faculty members of English and Humanities of S & H dedicate their efforts to provide the students with a state-of-the-art language laboratory equipped with the latest language software and hands-on opportunities to use and learn English languagefor their professional careers and higher studies. Most of the faculty members of English are certified with CELTA, a teacher training qualification, offered by Cambridge University, UK and always assist the students to utilize this unique learning platform for the development of better English communication through different certification courses such as PET, BEC etc.

          The contributions from the department of S & H cannot be complete if the past and on-going research activities are not mentioned. Since, 2012, the department has been offering Ph.D. degrees to the Post-graduate students in various disciplines. Currently 84 graduate students (both part-time and full-time students) are pursuing their research works in scientifically and industrially relevant topics.Most of the faculty members of S & H are highly experienced in contemporary research trends and actively involved in research. They constantly monitor the students' progress, publish the results and write grant-proposals to secure funding from various government and non-government organizations (1 approved, 1 sanctioned, and 4 completed projects, total worth of Rs. more than 100 lakh). Because of the encouragements and support from the management and higher authority, the research output has been progressively increasing as evident from the recent list of publications from the department.

          The department of S & H isan integral part of VFSTR and functions as a "launch-pad" for the students to move into their respective specialized degree courses with adequate academic knowledge and soft skills.

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