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     The department of Sciences and Humanities (S & H) offers B. Tech., B.Sc. and Doctoral programs and functions as four divisions such as Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics and Humanities. The department houses a number of qualified, skillful and motivated faculty members. Apart from providing the academic excellence, the department also holds a wide range of intellectual and creative discussions through conferences, seminars, and workshops at regular intervals to promote research activities.

     The department of S & H is the center for fundamental research and also the host of a few externally funded projects. The faculty members of the department are competent enough to perform innovative research works exemplified by their quality publications. The four dedicated research centers facilitate the faculty members and the Research scholars to pursue their research.

     As the HoD of the Department, Dr. NavuluriSrinivasu mentions: "The curriculum is designed to provide the students a detailed analytical knowledge across all of the core areas, regardless of their branch of enrolement. The department is also known for its strength in research which can be attributed to the multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary collaborative research initiatives".

     The department has been quite successful in providing the quality education to ensure the overall development of the students.

Professor (Chemistry) & HoD
The Department of S & H

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