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     The Department of Sciences & Humanities (S&H) offer courses of Science & Humanities for B.Tech students besides offering Postgraduate programmes in Chemistry and English as well as Doctoral Programmes in the discipline of Chemistry, Mathematics, Physics and English. The department is the combination of four divisions, namely Division of Chemistry, Division of Mathematics, Division of Physics and Division of Humanities. Apart from providing the academic excellence, the department also holds a wide range of intellectual and creative discussions through the platform of Conferences, Seminars and Workshops at regular intervals to carryout research.

     The department of S&H is known for basic research and also the host of a few externally funded projects. The faculty members of the department are actively involved in research, exemplified by their quality publications. The four dedicated research centers of the department facilitate the faculty members and research scholars to pursue their research.

     The HoD of the department Dr.N. Srinivasu reiterates that the curriculum is designed to provide analytical knowledge of Sciences and Humanities to be in congruence with their due course of Engineering, irrespective of their branch of enrollment. Further, the department supports multidisciplinary research initiatives.

       The department is quite successful in offering quality education with the futuristic perspective.

Professor (Chemistry) & HoD
The Department of S & H

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