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Functions of the Committee:

The Institute Sports and Games cell supports all the sports activities to inculcate the culture of physical fitness among the young minds by giving them the opportunity to showcase their sporting skills. Institute Sports committee have a clear intention that the level of commitment for sports from an extracurricular perspective should be increased.

  • To inculcate qualities such as sportsmanship, team spirit and bonding.
  • To serve the interests of the student community in competitive sports and other recreational activities i.e., both indoor and outdoor.
  • To provide an environment for physical development of the students.
  • To provide opportunity to showcase their talent in sports field.
  • To develop healthy environment for conducting various sports and games in the college premises.
  • Make the students to actively participate in intra and inter University level sports and games competitions.
  • To make the students aware about the benefits of physical exercise to maintain a good physical and mental health.
  • To inculcate the value of keeping good health and mind by participating in lectures/seminars related to sports and games.

  • Facilities for sports:

    To train students on physical fitness and keep them mentally alert, the institution ensures good sports facilities, which are well maintained. A large number of students avail the facilities and actively participate in games and sports on campus. Provisions for both indoor and outdoor games are available, like play grounds, athletic tracks, and materials besides the support of well-trained coaches.

  • A dedicated team of Three Physical directors and six coaches are appointed to train students in various sports and games.
  • The sports arena is completely engaged by students every day in the evenings after the classes. The following sports are equipped with coaches for regular practice and guidance.
  • Details of Sports Facilities:
    S.No Sports Facilities Total Area Available No. of Courts


    Track & Field

    400 mts


    2 Cricket Ground 65 yards 1
    3 Football Field 100 x 70 yards 1
    4 Volleyball Courts 18 x 9 mts 6
    5 Basketball Courts 28 x 16 mts 2
    6 Tennis Courts 78 x 36 feet 2
    7 Kabaddi Courts 13 x 10 mts 2
    8 Cricket Net Practice 200 x 70 feet 5
    9 Badminton Courts 44 x 20 feet 7
    12 Outdoor GYM 20 x 10 mts 1
    13 Kho – Kho Court 27x 16 mts 1
    1 Volleyball Courts 18 x 9 mts 3
    2 Throwball Courts 60 x 40 feet 3
    3 Tennicoit Courts 40 x 18 feet 5
    4 Badminton Courts 44 x 20 feet 3
    1 Badminton,TT, Carroms& Chess (Men & Women) 300 x 100 feet Indoor
    2 GYM (Boys Hostel) 40 x 15 feet 1
    3 GYM (Girls Hostel) 34 x 16 feet 1
    Total Area           40,400 sq.mts

    Management of committee:
    a. Committee composition :
  • The composition of the committee compromises Dean Student Affairs as the chairman.
  • One senior faculty as the secretary.
  • Assoc. Dean SA, Physical Director and Asst. Physical Directors as members
  • One Student from each of the institute sports team as a Student Member.
  • b. Committee members :
    S.No Faculty / Students Designation


    Dr.M.S.S.Rukmini, Dean, Student Affairs

    2 Mr.P.Satish, Asst. Prof., Dept. of Civil Engg. Secretary
    3 Mr.K.DasaradhaRamaiah, Physical Director Member
    4 Mr.M.Anirudh, Assoc. Dean SA Member
    5 Mr.Isman Khan, Asst. Physical Director Member
    6 Ms.M.Navya, Lady Asst. Physical Director Member
    7 D.Gurudath, 181FM01110, Basketball Men Student Member
    8 M.Mamatha, 171FA05310, Volleyball Women Student Member
    9 T.Priyanka, 171FA04493, Basketball Women Student Member
    10 V.VenuGopal, 181FA15057, Table Tennis Men Student Member
    11 P.Pavan Kumar Reddy, 161FA08068, Football Student Member
    12 L.Bhanu, 161FA04035, Kabaddi Student Member
    13 P.Shankar, 171FA05240, Cricket Men Student Member
    14 K.LakshmiPrasanna, 161FA01081, Cricket Women Student Member
    15 M.Mani Kumar, 181FA04314, Taekwondo Student Member
    16 U.Divya Lakshmi, 171FA05203, Taekwondo Student Member

    Roles and Responsibilities of the Chairman:
  • To ensure the healthy environment for conducting various sports and games in the institute premises.
  • To organize and motivate the students to actively participate in intra and inter college level sports and games competitions.
  • To ensure the sportsmanship among students by giving training with help of coaches for different games and sports.
  • Encourage sports at every level to foster team spirit and camaraderie.
  • Regular conduction and monitoring of physical fitness programme to the students.

  • Roles & Responsibilities of Secretary/Faculty Member:
  • To prepare a schedule for conducting various sports and games in the college premises.
  • To conduct various sports and games in intra and inter college level.
  • To invite eminent coaches for different games and sports.
  • To maintain and utilize the physical fitness multi gym and fitness equipment's effectively.
  • To conduct the Yoga program periodically.

  • Roles & Responsibilities of Student Member:
  • To identify interested students in sports and games.
  • To motivate the students for effective participation in sports and games in intra and inter university level.
  • To arrange the students and assisting the faculty member for smooth conduction of the events.

    S. No Time line Activity Proposed Specification
    1 22nd Jul’19 - 31st Jul’19 Sports Utsav For I year students

    (after class hours)
    Men Women
    Volley ball Throw ball
    Kabaddi Tennicoit
    Chess Chess
    Athletics – 100M, Long jump Short put, 800M Athletics – 100M, Long jump Short put, 400M
    2 4th, 5th, 6th&

    10th to 13th Aug’19
    Independence day competitions For All The Years

    After Class Hours
    Men Women
    Volley ball Volley ball
    Table Tennis – S & D Table Tennis – S & D
    Chess Chess
    Carroms Carroms
    3 19th – 26th Aug’19 Basketball and Kabaddi tournaments These individual Sports tournaments are utilized as a platform for selecting the University teams for South Zone Universities tournaments.
    4 9th – 16th Sep’ 19 Men Women
    Kho - Kho Throwball&Tennicoit
    5 14th – 23rd Oct’19 Athletics
    Men – 100M, Long jump Short put, 800M, 4x100M relay Women – 100M, Long jump Short put, 400M, 4x100M relay
    7 23rd Dec, 19 – 04th Jan’20 Indoor games (TT, Carroms& Chess)
    8 27th Jan’ – 04th Feb’20 Football Tournament
    9 10th Feb – 28th Mar’20 Cricket tournament

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