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Home Pharmaceutical Sciences

     Provides a premier professional education Programme leading to the Bachelor of Pharmacy degree with specialization in various areas of interest in the field of pharmacy (the first of its kind) and is committed to prepare future pharmacy leaders with essentials to thrive as a successful individual in pharmaceutical sector. It also provides them with the tools necessary to practice in different roles, Develop and maintain research initiatives in the formulation, analysis, clinical, regulatory, management and discovery sciences to implement new knowledge and approaches for enhancing health care.

To evolve as an ideal centre for pharmaceutical education.

M1- Provide state of the art facilities, practising creative and innovative teaching - learning process.

M2- Provide contemporary academic programmes, promote collaborative research and improve industrial interaction.

M3- Promote constructive attitude among stakeholders towards establishment of healthy living conditions with latest technologies.


     Pharmacy, the course intended to prepare pharmacy professionals for the health care, industrial, retail, community and discovery sectors, consists of various subjects in the curriculum prepared by the pharmacy council of India, the regulatory body of pharmacy education in India. It consists of different subjects that could be categorized based on the branch of science that deals with the drugs/chemicals.

The major areas of study include

  • Pharmaceutics (physical properties, manufacture, formulation, machinery, regulations, and management)
  • Pharmaceutical analysis (isolation, estimation, detection, purification, and quantification)
  • Pharmacology (drug action, content, efficacy, side effects, adverse effects, uses, testing)
  • Pharmaceutical Chemistry (synthesis, structure activity relationship, and discovery)
  • Biological aspects (biochemistry, microbiology, biotechnology)

  • It is having a wide scope of opportunities due to the diverse areas covered in the curriculum. With increase in the demand for new drugs and as the pharmaceutical companies are facing strict restrictions from the regulatory bodies, there is an ever increasing growth in the requirement for a qualified pharmacy professional, pharmacy course is the only available option that could serve the needs of various sectors involved in drug discovery, screening, manufacturing, analyzing and marketing.

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