विज्ञान शास्त्र प्रौद्योगिकी और परिशोधन संगठन
విజ్ఞాన శాస్త్ర సాంకేతిక పరిశోధనా సంస్థ


     Vignan is one of the symbols of quality education since decades. The quality of human resources and infrastructure of the department are at par with any premier institutes of pharmaceutical education in India. With an intention of revolutionizing pharmacy education, the Dept. of pharmaceutical sciences had made an innovative design to the B. Pharmacy program following the guidelines of pharmacy council of India.

      Focussed industry oriented expertise offered with the program is one of the approach to guide budding pharmacists for an effective career development. With the faculty from various national institutes, such as NIPERS's, IIT's, NIT's, Central Universities and abroad, VFSTR is a mound of intelligence and knowledge that caters the needs of students from all over India and abroad. To be the preferred choice of students in the field of pharmacy is the prime motto of the department and training the students to meet the standards of industry is one of the key factors that guides us to strive for the professional development of student. Excellence necessary to attain global development and meet the worldwide competition is imparted to the students by faculty, mentors, and industrial personnel which in turn enhance the integrity, quality, passion and technological skills in the coming generation pharmacists.

Dr. Ch. Jithendra
Professor & Principal, Pharmaceutical Sciences

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