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Dept. of ACSE

      Advanced Computer Science and Engineering is the soul and psyche of many engineering branches. These fields are instrumental in bringing the world to where it is today. Advanced Computer Science & Engineering (ACSE) course was started in the year 1997 in this institution.Department of ACSE offers the following UG and PG programs.


To evolve as a centre of high repute in Applied Computer Science & Engineering and create computer software professionals trained on problem solving skills imbued with ethics to serve the ever evolving and emerging requirements of IT Industry and society at large.

  • Imparting quality education through well designed curriculum, innovative teaching and learning methodologies integrated with professional skill development activities to meet the challenges in the career.
  • Nurture research and consultancy activities amongst students and faculty by providing State-of-art facilities and Industry-Institute Interaction.
  • Developing capacity to learn new technologies and apply to solve social and industrial problems to become an entrepreneur.

  •       Department of ACSE has well-qualified and experienced faculty who are specialists in the areas of Databases, Data Mining, Computer Architecture, Operating Systems, Image Processing, Wireless Networks, Artificial Neural Networks, Information Security and Programming Languages. There are around 80 dedicated faculty members with good amount of experience in these different areas. The faculty members are actively involved in research activities in the field of their specialization. They have published number of papers in journals and Conferences of National and International repute. The Department attributes its success to the creative and innovative outlook of its students also. The Department encourages students to participate in numerous symposiums and to present papers in them. Students are also made to undergo in-plant training programs, where they hone their technical skill in the realm of computers.

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