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S.No Year Total No of students placed
1 2019-2020 405
2 2018-2019 317
3 2017-2018 206
4 2016-2017 129
5 2015-2016 184

1. Change in the Attitude of the students   

There is a considerable change in student's attitude. As they are acquainting with the company environment, professionalism is cultivated into their behavior. Before the internship experience, most of the students did not had idea how to behave as employee in the organization, and also they are not much familiar with real time projects. After experiencing the internship the behavioral changes seen in their punctuality, time sense, seriousness in the work and also they are able analyze, understand, design and implement the given real time project. The feedback given by the company people, examiners, faculty and campus recruitment people is the vital witness for the change in the attitude of the students during internships.

2. Industrial Outlook of the students   

The industrial outlook has been developed among the students through internships. Apart from the behavioural changes it has been provided a comprehensive knowledge to the interns while in their internship program.
In the following areas internship program has been helping the students:

  • Good platform and on - the - job training
  • Creating consciousness among the student interns about their strengths and weaknesses in the practical.
  • Facilitates an opportunity to the students to apply in real-life situations the theoretical concepts learnt in the classroom.
  • Enables the students to have hands on experience
  • Close dialogue and cooperation with a company
  • Opportunities to test the theoretical knowledge in real life situations
  • An option to put the education into perspective according to the job market
  • Relevant experience added to Intern's CV
  • 3. Outcomes of the Internship Program   

    VFSTR designed the internship program to enhance the certain skills among the interns. Department of Computer Science & Engineering focused on to get the following outcomes namely,

  • Technology and Analytical Learning Outcomes
  • Cognitive Learning Outcomes
  • Professional Learning Outcomes
  • 4. Paid Internships   

    Since the inception department of Computer Science & Engineering has been bagged the various paid internships. The following table illustrates the details of the companies offered internships.

    5.Best Projects   

    We are collecting best live project models from the internship students and the exhibit these models in project expo.

    6. Placements through Internships   

    Our CSE branch students are continuously tapping the opportunities in the internships. Basing on the intern's outstanding performance companies is showing interest to absorb the interns as their employees. The following details explain how the students are successfully placing through internships.

    Internship Details   
  • Internship for 2019-2020    Sem I     Sem II
  • Internship for 2018-2019    Sem I     Sem II
  • Internship for 2017-2018    Sem I     Sem II
  • Internship for 2016-2017    Sem I     Sem II
  • Internship for 2015-2016    Sem I     Sem II
  • Internship for 2014-2015    Sem I    Sem II
  • Internship for 2013-2014    Sem I     Sem II
  • Internship for 2012-2013    Sem I     Sem II
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