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      The Department of Electrical Engineering, one of the nine founding Departments of Vignan's Foundation for Science, Technology & Research (Deemed to be University), is started in the year 2009 by adopting the motto: Excellence in Engineering Education. The department strives for excellence in teaching, research and professional services to the industry so as to achieve eminence in selected niche areas of Electrical and Electronics Engineering.


To prepare the students to meet the demands of changing industrial needs and to mould them into successful and ethical professionals, globally accepted in Electrical and Electronics Engineering and allied fields contributing to nation's building.

  • Offering state of art curriculum with innovative practices in teaching learning to pursue career in Electrical and allied fields.
  • Providing advanced laboratory facilities and conducive research environment to make them industry ready and equip to carry out higher education.
  • Transforming into responsible professionals with leadership qualities, managerial ability, team spirit, social consciousness, human values and ethics.

  •       The Department has experienced and highly qualified faculty with strong research and professional expertise. Apart from teaching the undergraduate and post-graduate courses, the faculty members are active in research and development. They are engaged in a broad range of research and development works with renowned overseas universities, research institutes and multinational companies.

    The Programmes

         In the new knowledge-based economy, engineering has become increasingly multi-disciplinary in nature. To prepare students for this new environment, an innovative and broad-based curriculum has been developed. The aim is to produce engineers who are flexible across disciplines and able to apply their knowledge and skills and solve complex problems. It does aims to produce thinking engineers, who will go on to create new technologies for the future.

    Overview of the Programmes

         The new B.Tech (EEE) curriculum focuses on broad-based training to provide flexibility of career choices and nurture lifelong learning. It strikes a balance between breadth and depth to provide a solid foundation in physical sciences and broad coverage of non-technical areas on one-hand, and comprehensive training in Electrical and Electronics Engineering on the other. In particular, the courses in humanities, social sciences, business and management together with other essential courses in communication skills, contribute about 20% of the overall curriculum.

         To increase the employment avenues for the students, the programme is structured such that the core subjects offered are sufficient for

  • Higher studies

  • Employment in the core sectors such as companies in generation, transmission and distribution of electricity and other companies dealing with power components and systems.

  • Employment in industries and manufacturing firms such as BHEL.

  • Employment in other sectors. Adequate inter-disciplinary subjects and subjects in Management and Humanities, including Foreign Languages, are added in the curriculum for employability in the IT sector, Civil Services and Indian Engineering Services.

  • Thus, the graduates passing out of Vignan's Foundation for Science, Technology & Research (Deemed to be University) have wider scope of employability.

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