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Dept. of EEE

Home Electrical Home Infrastructure

The Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering has excellent Infrastructure with spacious Lecuture halls in terms of general requirements and state of art laboratories for carrying out academic activities. There are altogether 10 Laboratories. All laboratories are well equipped and well maintained. The Department of Electrical has a total of 78 Computers, 3 Printers and 3 UPS. We have a robust Power Backup. The college is provided with a HT power line. Incase of power cut a generator of 440KVA is put to use. The Department has an Electrical Simulation Lab having 1 Server and 60 Computers, and is provided with 25KVA UPS.


The Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering has Spacious laboratories and ergonomically designed classrooms with all the required facilities. The total accommodated area is 1260 Sq. mtrs., constitues 3 Lecture Halls, 1 Department Library, 10 Labs and 6 staff Rooms.


The Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering has 8 Labs distributed over an area of 676 Sq. mtrs. The labs are well equipped.

Sl. No Name of the Laboratory Room No
1 Elecrical Drives / Power Converters Lab VFF-08
2 Electrical Simulation Lab VSF-11
3 Power Systems Lab AGF-2
4 Control Systems Lab AGF-2
5 DC Machine Lab VGF-3
6 AC Machine Lab VGF-3
7 Electrical Measurement  Lab AGF-1
8 Power Electronics Lab AGF-1
9 Renewable Energy Systems Laboratory (Project Laboratory) AGF-1
10 Advanced Power Converter lab VFF-08


A dedicated 1 GBPS Internet connection is installed to meet the growing needs of staff and students to pursue their academic activities.

IEEE online Journals

The institution subscribes to 129 on-line journals from professional institutions like IEEE which are accessed through digital library. The journals can also be accessed from individual desktops through the campus intranet. The DELNET facility enables the access to any journal or a book from libraries Of DELNET-registered institutions in the country,as a part of inter library loan facility.

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