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The objective of National Cadet Corps is to develop character, comradeship, and capacity for leadership among youth in India.

The VFSTR NCC Company motivates the students with best training and the ideals of selfless service.

The training inculcates team spirit, a sense of nationalism and it also helps in developing the overall personality of an individual and thus enabling them to become a responsible citizen of this nation.


The VFSTR NCC 138-B Sub Unit (Senior Division and Senior Wing) under the control of 25(Andhra) BATTALION NCC, GUNTUR - GROUP was started in 2009.

The VFSTR NCC 65-G Sub Unit (Senior Wing) under the control of 10(Andhra) GIRLS BATTALION NCC, GUNTUR - GROUP was started in 2011.


138-B, 25(A) BN NCC:
Lt Siva Koteswararao Chinnam
Associate NCC Officer
138-B, 25(A) BN NCC, Guntur
65-G(A), 10(A) Girls BN NCC:
Lt Keerthi Priya Yadala
Associate NCC Officer
65-G(A), 10(A) Girls BN NCC, Guntur

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