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B.Sc (Maths, Statistics, Computer Science) is one of the highly demanded and esteem degree course carry out at the graduate level. This course is designed to develop graduates with the key practical skills and interdisciplinary knowledge. The students are involved in completing pre-planned lab work based on text books and reading and adapting to well known theories. It offers theoretical as well as practical knowledge in the subjective areas and beneficial for students who wish to pursue multi and inter-disciplinary science careers in future.

Programme Educational Objectives (PEOs)

PEO 1: Graduates can pursue higher studies in related fields including management.

PEO 2: Graduates are provided with domain knowledge to get employed in IT industries, Scientific & Research organizations and allied industries.

PEO 3: Graduates will develop positive attitude and life skills with a sense of environmental consciousness to become a responsible citizen with moral and ethical values.

Programme Specific Outcomes (PSOs)

PSO1: Graduates will acquire a comprehensive knowledge and sound understanding of fundamentals of Mathematics, computer and statistics and develop practical, analytical and mathematical skills.

PSO2: Graduates will be prepared to acquire a range of general skills, to solve problems, to evaluate information, to use computers productively, to communicate with society effectively and learn independently.

PSO3: Graduates will acquire a job efficiently in diverse fields such as Science, Education, Banking, Public Services, Business etc.,

Programme Outcomes (POs)

PO1-Understanding and Thinking: understanding of mathematical concepts and fundamental principles and theories related to various scientific phenomena and their relevance in day-to-day life.

PO2-Effective Communication: Speak, read, write and listen clearly in person and through electronic media in English and in one Indian language, and make meaning of the world by connecting people, ideas, books, media and technology.

PO3-Design and Application: Select, design and apply appropriate experiment techniques along with IT tools to solve various problems.

PO4-Ethics: Recognize different value systems including your own, understand the moral dimensions of your decisions and accept responsibility for them.

PO5-Environment and Sustainability: Understand the issues of environmental contexts and sustainable development.

PO6-Self-directed and Life-long Learning: Acquire the ability to engage in independent and life-long learning in the broadest context socio-technological changes.

Programme Name B.Sc
Level Under Graduation
Programme Specific Enquiries 0863 - 2344758
Admission Enrollment and General Enquiries 0863-2344777, 1800-425-2529
HoD Contact Number 9866279979

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