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Library Automation
Home Library Automation

       The automation system indigenously developed by engineering students of the institute(2005-'06 Batch -B.Srinivasa Rao, P.Venkata Vinay Kumar, K.Bhargava Phani, Y.Bala Krishna under the guidance of Mr.K.V.K.Kishore) reduces congestion at the counters during the peak hours of the college and helps in the efficient management of library procedures.This frees the library personnel from routine and mundane tasks so that they can concentrate on providing better service to the subscribers.The surveillance system with its randomly timed video footing helps to control pilferage of library resources.

  • Acquisition
  • Cataloguing
  • Circulation
  • Serial control
  • Late fine collection
  • Online opinion poll
  • Order processing
  • Usage statistics
  • OPAC
  • Various Report generation facilities

  •          The Library subscribes to a host of on-line IEEE, ASME, ASCE, Springer, EBSCO & JSTOR journals ,which fosters the reserach zeal on the campus,both among the faculty and students.The digital Library with high speed internet connection and access to online journals is a shot in the arm for the students who prepare for competitve exams like GATE,GRE,CAT,TOEFL besides collating and compiling material for paper presentation,seminars etc.

  • Java Technologies : Servlets, JSP
  • Database : MySQL
  • Web Server : Apache Tomcat
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