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Vignan's University faculty, students, and staff are bona-fide members and no other formality is required. As soon as you get your ID card, please visit the library once to activate your membership.

  • Go to library home page. There is a search box with caption "Search Catalogue (OPAC)". Enter a word or words from title or subject or author of a book you like to search. Press enter. It will list all books matching the words you input.
  • You can also click on "Advanced Search" just below the search box. It will take you to another page "Web OPAC Page". It provides Advanced Search option.
  • In Simple Search, you can search books by Author, Title (any word in the title, subtitle ) , Keyword or Publisher.
  • OPAC stands for Online Public Access Catalogue. This is a database of all books, theses,Journals back volumes, CD's & DVD's etc. available in the library. It enables speedy searching of a particular book, books on a given subject, and/or a book by an author.

    Go to library online Resource page. Click E-Books.

    Go to the library, pick up the books you like to borrow, carry these books to the Circulation Counter. Show your ID Card. The library staff will assist you in getting these books issued to you.

    9.00 AM - 6.00 PM (9 hrs) on all working days

    Off-line - Bring all books back to the library and get them one time renewed at the Circulation Counter.

    Faculty can borrow 10 books, UG Students (I,II,III Years) eligible for 3 books ,IVth Year Students eligible for 4 books and PG Students can borrow 5 books and Scholars and PDFs can borrow 5 books. More details can be seen at "Circulation Counter" .

    Yes, a member is required to pay late fee, as per the late fee structure, if he/she fails to return the books within prescribed period of time. Members can consult the library staff to know their overdue charges at Circulation Counter.

    Library dues (late fees/cost of lost books etc) can be paid at Circulation Counter in cash on the Ground floor of the Library.

    Reference books are issued only to the faculty, Scholars and students for overnight or before the holidays at the time of closing the library can borrow the book (s).

    Vignan's University Faculty, students and staff can refer to dissertations, theses, Journals Back Volumes which are kept in Reference Section (Ground floor) .

    The latest procurement cost will be intimated to the member and he/she has to pay the double cost of book or the member can buy the same New Book and it can be Replaced.

    Faculty and Students can recommend books (aSuggestion book is available in Circulation Counter) for purchase by the library or through the LAC (Library Advisory Committee)

    E-Resources are accessible only to Vignan's University students and faculty on the campus (IP Based) . However, others can request copies of articles from the E-Resources and the library will download and supply them (Inter Library loan members) to the users on personal request.

    Yes, the Library can arrange books and copies of articles on inter-library loan from other libraries.

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