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     We, at the Department of Applied Engineering, believe that experiencing is the key to understand the concepts needed for engineering. Department provides the opportunity to attend the real problems faced and to find the solutions for them by experimenting on it. It encourages the students to attend seminars and conferences in the domain area to add flavor to what they learn at class. Such initiatives have shown fruitful results that students have made working projects with the help of competent faculty.

      The department has small, but strong base of faculty members drawn from highly reputed institutions across India. Faculties are exposed to national and international conferences and seminars frequently, which encourage them for quality improvement and consistent research outcomes. The faculty here is committed to provide supportive and diverse environment that encourages students to achieve to the best of their abilities by redefining the role of teachers as facilitators.

A healthy number of reputed research papers and project initiatives make the department stand high in the Vignan's Foundation for Science, Technology & Research (Deemed to be University). We have conducted significant outreach programmes for different category of participants. Department is tied up IIT Bombay for the e-yantra initiative for the robotics lab. We used to conduct many guest lectures and seminars for the benefits of the students. Students are offered practice school at the last semester for addressing real times projects in various industries. Managing the events in its top class also has been shown by our students in many occasions. Overall, we give a platform to develop both in academic, technological, managerial environment, above all to a sensible human being.

There are plenty of employment opportunities for qualified professionals and they can select a career in any Industry of their domain, which can lead to a bright future. We believe to maintain constant and active partnership with industries for achieving this objective. We support the students for their higher education also by providing coaching for GATE, IES etc. A number of students have taken admission in reputed overseas universities also.

I welcome you to explore the department and enjoy the environment.

Mr. N. Narayan Rao
Asst. Professor & HOD, Applied Engg. Dept

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