Dept. of Civil Engg.

Apart from imparting the general subject knowledge to the students and guiding them in their project work (s), the faculty members are encouraged at every level to pursue their research and publish papers periodically and also attend conferences on a regular basis. They are also encouraged to go for higher studies when ever possible. Research is mostly encouraged where there is not only global application (s) but also down - to - earth applications of immediate surroundings and the society.

Department of Civil Engineering has initiated research on thrust areas like

  • Structural Engineering

  • Water Resources Engineering

  • Soil Mechanics

  • Environmental Engineering

  • Transportation Engineering

  • Concrete Technology

  • Watershed Management

  • Computational Fluid Dynamics

  • Water resources Systems analysis, optimal Irrigation planning & reservoir operation

  • The Research publications and presentations are

  • List of Publications - 2019
  • List of Publications - 2018
  • List of Publications - 2017
  • List of Publications - 2016
  • List of Publications - 2015
  • List of Publications - 2014
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