How to choose the best Engineering College?

Growing scope of Engineering

With the growth and expansion of the engineering domain in public and private sectors, there has been a boom in engineering institutions and universities. There are many, small and big scaled institutions enrolling several students who look forward to pursue a career in engineering. Both private and government institutions are working to aid the students in building a better future not only for them but also for the entire world.


The growing demand and the competition in the engineering field is also increasing day by day. Hence, to gain an upper hand, it is very important to get educated from elite and the best institutions of engineering in the world. An engineering degree from premier institutions might prove to be a game changer that will allow you to flourish in your career.

How to choose the right college?

Choosing right institution is one of the main tasks and hence here are some pointers to keep in mind:

1. Choose the right branch of engineering- This should be the first step in your planning. As there are several branches in engineering, make sure you choose the specialization where your interest lies and then selecting a college which specialises in that particular field.

2. Do not be brand conscious- Don’t try to opt for a particular college just because of its star ratings on the internet or because of its reputation. Firstly, do proper research about the college, preferably from the people who have studied there.

3. Check for eligibility- There are different eligibility criteria in different colleges according to the courses offered and facilities provided there. Before short listing colleges, look at their eligibility procedures against your own profile. This will save you a lot of time and also narrow down your list of colleges.


4. Develop a list of elements- Only looking at how good a college is not a good option. Make a list of other criteria such as affordability, qualifications, distance from home, scholarships, campus, canteen, and other curricular activities and then narrow down the colleges according to them.

5. Location or demography- One always wants to stay in their comfort zone while pursuing higher studies. Therefore, keep the location in mind while choosing for your college. Having a good college but in a very remote area with no social life is not a good option. Thus, try to mark the location you are most comfortable with and find the college within that location.

6. Talk to people- Getting first-hand experiences of people is always a good option. Different colleges have various alumni clubs, where you can connect with the alumni. Get in touch with them and try to see if the college is actually worth studying in or not. This will give you a better clarification about its scope.

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