What are the main specializations of Biotechnology?

Biotechnology is the discipline of 21st century. It is making a phenomenal progress. This domain is more & more avenues and applications in our daily life: ranging from biologics to food fortification, and further waste management to safeguard our environment for safe living. We shall explore this exciting field and try to find out how far it can go in the future.

Applying genetic engineering technology in the living systems to generate desired life-saving molecules as end products is called Biotechnology. This subject is variously known as Biotechnology or Bioprocess Engineering. Biotechnology involves manoeuvring of living systems ranging from microscopic to macroscopic organisms and their organelles. On the other hand, Bioprocess Engineering deals with bio-magnification and down-streaming of desired life-saving products. These engineering principles are to taught at the bestin VFSTR U in Guntur.

The domains of Biotechnology

There are FOUR principal types of sub-disciplines taught at the Biotechnology engineering colleges in Guntur:

● Medical Biotechnology – This is also called "Red Biotechnology." It uses living systems and technology to produce biologics, antibodies, vaccines, and biomedical instrumentation.

● Industrial Biotechnology – This field is also known as "White Biotechnology." It uses living systems and technological principles to produce BioPolymers, food, and energy.

● Environmental Biotechnology – This is also known as "Green- Biotechnology." This field includes a special division of "Agricultural-Biotechnology." Here, the amalgamation of living systems and technology ensures Food Security. That is better crops, better breeds of livestock, bio fuels and waste removal.

● Marine Biotechnology – This field is also known as "Blue Biotechnology." This deals with the exploitation of marine products for life-saving drugs. The resulting end products include various biochemical substances for human use and food.

Places to study

Wherever one goes to approach the Biotechnology engineering colleges in Guntur, one must check the affiliations and registration of the institution. Depending on the type of testimonial one seeks, they can go to either of the following places to study:

● College

● University or graduate school

● Engineering institutions

● Vocational courses institutes

● Special skill courses institute

Biotechnology Engineering Colleges in Guntur

Biotechnology can be studied in the government, government-affiliated or registered private institutions. The nature of degrees or diplomas can be in regular, distance, or correspondence mode. There are variousengineering colleges in Guntur, Andhra Pradesh, which teaches Biotechnology. They are of the following types:

● Non-Engineering based colleges – Here, the aspirants can get a BSc. MSc. Degrees, certificates, or diplomas.

● Engineering colleges – Here, the candidates can pursue B.Tech, B.E, or Diploma engineering certificates.

The engineering colleges in Guntur can also be contacted for "on–the–job" candidates and special courses

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Engineering Colleges in Guntur

The Engineering colleges of Guntur that offer courses in biotechnology have the following features:

● They have to be recognized by one or more UGC, AICTE, NITs, IITs, or IISERs organizations.

● The Engineering colleges of Guntur have a fee structure varying from Rs. 0.56 LPA to Rs. 5 LPA.

Conclusion: The future of Biotechnology Engineering

Apart from the sub-disciplines of biotechnology shown above, there are many other evolved types too. They are; Yellow, Grey, Brown, Violet, Golden, and Dark Biotechnology. While the future demands automation and artificial intelligence, Biotechnology is expected to evolve in line with machine learning tools.

Various applied Biotechnology practices were found disastrous in the past. They range from human cloning to bio-weapons, eugenics, and so on. However, based on the points mentioned above, there are several unexplored avenues to be attended. A few to consider are bio-ethics, copyright issues and sustainability, all encapsulating in our ecosystem.

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