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Dept. of BME

Home BME Home Board of Studies

      Board of studies is constituted with experts drawn form reputed academic institutions, research laboratories and industries. This ensures the up to date and quality curriculum to of all our programs.

External Members

Sno Name Details
1 DR .M.Ramasubba reddy Professor, IIT Madras
2 Dr. M. Malini Professor, Osmania university Hyderabad.
3 Dr.S.Amarnath M.D. , Amar Orthopaedic Hospital Guntur.
4 Mr.S.Kumar CEO,TMI sytsems , Bangalore.
5 Dr. G.Jeevana Latha Gynaecologist, Health Hospitals, Tenali.
15 Mr.K. Srikanth Director, Graphic devices and novavis systems, bangalore

Internal Members

Sno Name Details
1 Dr.G.Sitaramanjaneya Reddy Professor & HoD, Chair Person
2 Dr. N. Usha Rani Professor, Member , School of EECE
3 Dr. B. Seetha Ramanjaneyulu Professor, Member , School of EECE
4 Dr. Sk. Jakeer Hussain Professor, Member, School of EECE
5 Dr. P. Sambaiah Associate professor, School of EECE
6 Mrs. J. Prathiba Assistant Professor
7 Mrs. K. Hima Bindu Assistant Professor
8 Mr. Sanjeet Kumar Assistant Professor

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