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Dr. Usha Rani. Nelakuditi
Professor ECE, Dean SEECE

Dr. P.V. Subba Rao
Sr. Design Engineer, CEPD

Dr. MD. Faiyaz Ahmed
Assistant Professor, R&A

Drone Research


VFSTR UAV research team was initially constituted with an eight-member team in the month of January 2018 as per the vision of the then Honourable Vice Chancellor Dr. M.Y.S. Prasad. The purpose was to explore the capabilities of Unmanned Aerial Systems (UASs), to seek ways to use UASs for research and projects that are useful to the mankind.


The main objectives of the research centre are to:

      The VFSTR has well-qualified and experienced faculty who are specialists in the areas of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, Databases, Data Mining, Computer Architecture, Operating Systems, Image Processing, Wireless Networks, Artificial Neural Networks, Information security and Programming Languages. The faculty members are dedicated with a good amount of experience and are actively involved in research activities in the field of their specialization. They have published a number of papers in journals and at conferences of National and International repute. The Drone Research Center attributes its success to the creative and innovative outlook of its students. The Drone Center encourages students to participate in numerous symposiums and to present papers in them. Students are also made to undergo in-plant training programs, where they hone their technical skills in the realm of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles.

  •   Promote and test the use of UAS in a broad range of application fields like precision agriculture, disease detection, autonomous spraying and land degradation assessment.
  •   To develop innovation in the field of remote sensing science by providing a platform for dedicated and high-quality experiments.
  •   To support high quality UAS services by providing calibration facilities and disseminating processing procedures to the UAS user community.

  • Main Areas of Applications:
  •  Crop Health Detection
  •  Soil Management
  •  Autonomous Spraying
  •  Sensor Data Fusion and Data Analytics
  •  3D Modeling and Mapping
  •  Crowd Abnormality Detection


    Since inception, UAV research centre has been working towards imparting skills in the development of drones and also finding the solutions using drone data and machine learning. For the purpose, many workshops and hands on sessions were conducted.

    Training Programs Organized:
  •  A two-day workshop on Drone Technology “AERO-FEAST 2018” 22nd to 23rd March 2018 was held under IEEE (WIE). (22 students have registered in this workshop).
  •  5-day Summer Technical Training program on “Professional Drone Flying, organized in collaboration with Terra Drone center of excellence.
  •  5-day summer Technical Training program on “Professional Drone playing”, 20th- 24th May 2019 organized in collaboration with Terra Drone center of excellence.
  •  Winter School on Advances in Remote Sensing and its Applications in collaboration with IEEE GRASS Society.
  •  IEEE SPAA, Humanitarian Grand Challenges, December, 2019.
  •  One week ATAL FDP on Machine Learning & Computer Vision, June, 2022.
  •  One week ATAL FDP on Machine Learning & Computer Vision, July, 2022.
  •  Drone Sammelan to create awareness among farmers in the use of drones in agriculture. Around 300 farmers visited the Sammelan and benefited from the exposure, December, 2022

  • Research Works Carried out:
  •  Disease Detection using MATLAB.
  •  Implementation of drone detection using VGG, RESNET, Inception and YOLO networks.
  •  3D models Creation and determination of Height and Volume measurements from drone images.
  •  Fabrication of Autonomous pesticide spraying Hexa-copter.
  •  Onboard data Visualization using Raspberry pie.
  •  Drone in photography.


    VFSTR Proposed a Minor specialization in UAV in 2019 for all streams of engineering students with Five courses on UAVs. BoS accepted the following courses on July 23, 2020 and the academic council also approved them. It materialized in 2023 with five courses.

  •  Basics of UAV’s
  •  UAV Dynamics and Control
  •  Data Acquisition
  •  Remote Sensing and Image Interpretation
  •  DL for drone Imaging
  •  Drone in photography.

  • drone29


    VFSTR held a Drone Sammelan 2K22 to create awareness among farmers in the use of drones in agriculture. Around 300 farmers visited the Sammelan 2K22 and benefited from the exposure. About 12 manufacturers opened stalls presented their wares. Three MOUs were exchanged with Industry partners.

    disease detective 1
    disease detective 2


    Drone team used to conduct surveys in and around the villages to find out the actual needs and expectations of the user groups on the usage of drones in agriculture.

    user survey 1
    user survey 2

    Current Activities
  •  Crop study of Chilly, Paddy and Cotton for early decease detection and analysis using drone images and DL based algorithms.
  •  V Tail Copter
  •  FPV Drones
  •  X8 Copter
  •  3D Printed Mavic Drone


    VFSTR UAV centre entered into collaboration with industries and premier academic institutions to carry out the research and develop solutions to the real-time challenges.

  •  Crop study of Chilly, Paddy and Cotton for early decease detection and analysis using drone images and DL based algorithms.
  •  M/s PDRL, Nashik – In the area of precision agriculture software applications
  •  M/s Flopple Technologies, Vijayawada – In the area of agricultural spray methods and systems
  •  M/S Axpect Agrao, Vijayawada – In the area of mechanical systems

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    Autonomous Agriculture Drone
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    Autonomous Agriculture Drone
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    Autonomous Agriculture Drone

    Drone Centre Outcome

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