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Home Exam cell

Examinations will be conducted offline and at VFSTR, Vadlamudi campus and student has to write the examination on answer script provided by the institution. The following are the general instructions for the students to comply.

I) General Instructions to the candidates
  • All candidates should be present in the Examination Hall 15 minutes before the time of commencement of Examinations. No student will be allowed into examination hall after that time.
  • Students has to bring Examination Hall tickets & Identity Cards and produce them for verification whenever asked by Invigilators or Squad members.
  • Candidates are prohibited from bringing to the examination hall any books, notebooks, loose sheets of paper, programmable calculators, cell phones, or any electronic device. If they do so, they are liable for expulsion. Candidates are not allowed to use any book or books nor are they allowed to keep with them a book or part thereof, or paper of any kind. They are also prohibited from talking to each other, copy or communication with a person outside the examination hall. If a candidate is found violating these rules and/or committing any other malpractice and/or behaving in an undisciplined manner or causing nuisance or disturbance to the other candidates, he will at once be expelled from the examination hall. He will not be allowed for the remaining papers and he will be liable to be rusticated. Candidates are permitted to bring Electronic Calculators into the examination hall.
  • Candidates are allowed to leave the examination hall only after 1 ½ hour from the commencement of examination.
  • In extraordinary circumstances the dates and time of examination may be changed with short notice. To avoid inconvenience, the students are advised to regularly view the examinations link at university website.
  • These instructions are to be read along with the ‘norms’ displayed at www.vignan.ac.in Current Students Examination Examinations Related Information Disciplinary Action - Malpractice.
  • The students who are put into ‘R’ grade will not be allowed to take up the summative assessment in that semester. In case due to lack and/or delay in information, if he/she appears for the summative assessment in that course, office of AAA is empowered to cancel the attended exams. The scores obtained either in formative or summative assessment will not be considered for grading.
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