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Applied Engg.
Dr. Vidhu KampurathDevelopment of an Electrostatic Agricultural Spray Charging System as an Attachment to a Knapsack Mist Blower2018-2020DST CRG 22.89
Dr. D Vinay KumarFormulation and optimization of Iso-Stoichiometric Ternary Gasoline-Alcohol Blends and investigation of their influence on a Spark Ignition Engine2017-2020DST-SERB21.63
Dr. Vidhu KampurathEmpowering Panchayati Raj Institutions Spatially (EPRIS)2017-2017ISRO-NRSC22.85

Dr.S.KrupanidhiStudies on Molecular Heterogeneity of Hemocyanins of Endemic Blue Blooded Invertebrates. 2013-2016DST41.12
Dr. T.S. GopenathDegenerative effects of organophosphate pesticides on the formation of an inner plexiform layer during retinal development and protective roles of growth factors in an in vitro 3D culture system derived from embryonic chick retina2017-2020DST - ECR35.06
Dr. Vijaya Ramu .DMolecular cloning, expression and functional characterization of IL-4 splice variants in the Guinea pig model of pulmonary tuberculosis.2016-2019DST - ECR28.77
Dr. M S SivakiranConstruction and studies on vaccine potential of chimeric protein molecules comprising immunodominant regions of outer membrane proteins of enterobacteriaceae for application as broad spectrum vaccine against Salmonella, Shigella, E. coli and Proteus 2016-2019DST-SERB32.09
Dr. S. KrupanidhiFund for Improvement of Science and Technology2014-2019DST-FIST42.5
Dr. S. KrupanidhiPhylogenetic analysis and bar coding of Indian apple snails as a prelude to their conservation stagey2019-2021MEFC20.30

Sciences & Humanities
Dr.D.NagaRajuAn Efficient Regioselective Cascade Synthesis of benzofuran/pyran/quinoline embedded privileged molecules for health and sustainability 2018-2019DST NCSTC 6.66
Dr. K. Venkata MadhuriElectrochromic Devices based on Nano Crystalline W03 thin films 2013-2017DST FT26.82

Dr.Koya Prbhakar Rao
Design, synthesis and applications of novel superhydrophobic nano-porous coordination polymers (SNPCPs) 2015-2018DST-SERB25.31

Cascade reactions of Baylis-Hilman Adducts Using Bifunctional Organocatalysts2015-2018DST SERB28.01

Dr. Nannapaneni Satyasree
Fortification and biofortification of tomatos to produce iron rich tomoto powder and tablets to curb anemia in childern and pragnent women in selected villages at Guntur (Dt), A.P. 2014-2017DST-SEED 46.88

Chem Engg.
Mr.P.Ashok Kumar,
Food Technology lab Development2013MOFPI75.00
Mr.P.Ashok KumarDesign & Simulation of Chemical Process2009-2011AICTE6.00
Dr. Venkata Swamy NalajaPreparation of High pure anhydrous Magnesium chloride from sea water bitterns and Magnesite2019-2021DRDO23.23


Dr. V Poornachandra Rao
Geology of the Mandovi and Zuari estuaries: sources and pollution2014-2019DST-JCBNF68.00
Dr. V Poornachandra RaoSuspended and bottom sediments of the estuaries and adjacent shelf off western India2016-2019CSIR-ES9.70


Mr. A. Raghunath & Prof. K.V.K. Kishore
Development of Educational suite for training visually impaired students in computer programming and information technology skills2014-2018DST-SEED 53.80

Dr. Maruthi Padmaja & Dr. N Gnaneswara Rao
An adaptive classifier for unbalanced evolving streams-An application to fraudulent data streams2017-2019DRDO-ER & IPR 9.10

Dr. B.SitaRamanjeneyuluReliable, Cost-effective Driver Signaling System for railways using wireless sensor network2018-2021DST ICPS 35.00

Dr. N. Usha Rani
ECAD Lab2010-2011AICTE13.75
RPS-Medical Image Registration of Brain Images2009-2010AICTE9.00
Development of real time fast algorithm for registration of brain tumor2013-2016DST FT20.56
Mr. Amerendra NathDesign and Development of Novel Non-Invasive Imaging System for Diagnosis of Peripheral Artery Disease.2019-2021DST BDTD 46.02

Mr. Y.S.Kishore BabuPower Converters LabJan, 2010AICTE10.00

Dr. G. Durga Sukumar
Design of back to back PV solar panel with rotating convex lense & concave mirror using neuro fuzzy based controller for industrial drive to get better output in lesser area2013-2017DST-FT25.74

Dr. K. Mercy Rosalina
Hardware implementation of IEEE 57 bus2018-2020DST EMEQ35.00


Dr. Vidhu Kampurath, Narayan Rao, Durga Rao
Machine tool diagnostics2015-2020DST-FIST47.00
Dr. D. JagadishPerformance and emission studies of algae biodiesel in a C.I. engine equipped with diesel particulate filter2013-2017DST FT24.81
Dr. K. Phaneendra KumarNon-Composites and Nano-Fluids2006-2010AICTE6.90
Dr. L.S. RajuExperimental Invetigation of influence of Ultrasonic vibration on Micro structure and Mechanical properties of FSPED Aluminium alloy2019-2021DST EMEQ32.05

Dr.Koneru KalpanaWomen Technology Park at Vadlamudi2014-2017DST-SEED63.15
Grand Total (Rs.)1014.64

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