विज्ञान शास्त्र प्रौद्योगिकी और परिशोधन संगठन
విజ్ఞాన శాస్త్ర సాంకేతిక పరిశోధనా సంస్థ


Internal Quality Assurance Cell

  •    Development and application of quality benchmarks/parameters for various academic and administrative activities of the institution

  •    Facilitating the creation of a learner-centric environment conducive to quality education and faculty maturation to adopt the required knowledge and technology for participatory teaching and learning process

  •    Arrangement for feedback response from students, parents and other stakeholders on quality-related institutional processes

  •    Dissemination of information on various quality parameters of higher education

  •    Organization of inter and intra institutional workshops, seminars on quality related themes and promotion of quality circles

  •    Documentation of the various programmes/activities leading to quality improvement

  •    Acting as a nodal agency of the Institution for coordinating quality-related activities, including adoption and dissemination of best practices

  •    Development and maintenance of institutional database through MIS for the purpose of maintaining/enhancing the institutional quality

  •    Development of Quality Culture in the institution

  •    Preparation of the Annual Quality Assurance Report (AQAR) as per guidelines and parameters of NAAC, to be submitted to NAAC

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