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Dept. of Chemical Engg.

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  • Faculty Achievements

S.No Year Total No of students placed
1 2019-2020 115
2 2018-2019 77
3 2017-2018 31
4 2016-2017 28
5 2015-2016 21

Awards / recognitions received at the national and international level

Sno Name of the Faculty Award Year
1 Dr. V.M. Rao Fellow, Royal Society of Chemistry 2014
2 Dr. V. M. Rao A.P. State Engg., colleges best principal award 2010

Faculty selected to visit other laboratories / institutions in India and abroad

  • Dr. V. Madhusudhan rao is visited Pondichery University in June 2014 to discuss the development of Li-Ion batteries.
  • Mr. Jagadish is visited Osmania University in august 2014 to discuss new laboratory establishment.
  • Mr. Jagadish is appointed as Board of Studies member at JNTU Kakinada for designing the course structure and syllabus for Textile Engineering in December 2015.
  • Mr. P. Ashok Kumar visited CFTRI Mysore for food processing project.
  • Ms. Sindhu visted to Kansas State University for seven weeks at USA in June 2015

  • Faculty serving in Editorial Boards

    Sno Name of the Faculty Name of Journal Name of Committee
    1 Dr.V. Madhusudhan Rao Royal Society of Chemistry Conferences on Energy engineering materials Reviewer
    2 Dr. B. R. Gurumurthy Journal of Industrial Textile Reviewer
    3 Mr. Md. Wasim Chavhan Journal of Industrial Textile Reviewer
    4 Mr. P. Ashok Kumar Environmental Nanotechnology, Monitoring & Management (ENMM)Reviewer
    5 Mr. P. Ashok Kumar Journal of water process engineering Reviewer
    6 Mr. P. Ashok Kumar Journal of cleaner production Reviewer
    7 Mr. P. Ashok KumarChemistry International (CI) Reviewer
    8 Mr. P. Ashok Kumar International Jorunal of pharma and bio-sciences (IJPBS) Reviewer
    9 Mrs. B. Sumalatha International Journal of chemical engineering and processing Editorial board member
    10 Mrs. B. Sumalatha International Journal of prevention and control of industrial pollution Editorial board member
    11 Mrs. B. Sumalatha International Journal of environmental chemistry Editorial board member
    12 Mr. K. Kumaraswamy Chemical Engineering Communications Reviewer

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