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Dept. of Chemical Engg.

Home Chemical Engg. Home Infrastructure

The Department of Chemical Engineering has excellent infrastructure in terms of general requirements and state - of - the art lab equipment in the laboratories in particular. The department has sufficient computers, projectors and ample speed of internet and local network connectivity.

The classrooms are ICT enabled, equipped with Computer, projector, SMART boards and PA systems. The department has 11 classrooms and 4 tutorial classrooms. Also, the department is equipped with 2 seminar halls and 8 staff rooms. Apart from the Central Library facility, the Department has a departmental library also. This library is meant for in place reference.


A dedicated 1 GBPS wireless Internet connection is installed to meet the growing needs of staff and students to pursue their research. This facility complements the use of online journals and DELNET, a network of libraries to share books and research materials. All the systems on the campus are wired to fileservers. Our students also actively avail the overall Internet facility.


Softwares like TSPL, CHEMCAD, Garment Cad, Fashion Cad etc. useful for students to have hands on experience in modeling, simulation and design experiences.


The department is equipped with 8 laboratories with the equipment worth 107 lakhs, which cater the needs of chemical, textile, food and petroleum needs.

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