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Institute of Law

Home Institute of Law Home Board of Studies

      Vignan Institute of Law has constituted a Board of studies inviting eminent legal academicians, well known legal professionals and experts from Industry to primarily review the rules & regulations, course scheme & syllabi of BA.LL.B(Hons.) & BBA.LL.B(Hons.) Degree Programmes.

S.no Name Designation
1. Dr. Praveen Kumar Lohchab Director, Chairperson-BOS, VIL
2. Prof. Y. Satyanarayana Advisor to Vignan Institute of Law
3. Prof. Dabiru Sridhar Patnaik Professor and Registrar, O.P. Jindal Global University
4. Dr. Parikshet Sirohi Professor, Faculty of Law, Delhi University, Delhi
5. Dr. A. Sharada Professor & Head, Division of Humanities
6. Dr. Nagalatha B Associate Professor, VIL
7. Mr. L. Ashish Kumar Assistant Professor, Secretary, BoS, VIL

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