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Institute of Law

Home Institute of Law Home Infrastructure


Spacious Classrooms, equipped with latest LCD Projectors, OHPs and modern Ceramic Boards. Separate Tutorial Rooms are also available for special classes.


Computer Lab facilities with state-of-the-art hardware and all required licensed software and peripherals is available to students for net surfing and online study. All computers are WiFi connected with 30 Mbps leased line for 24 Hours availability.


Soft Skills training, foreign language instruction sessions, and English Language Lab are all available for improving communication skills and personality development.


A fully air-conditioned Seminar Hall with seating capacity of 300 persons for conducting seminars, workshops, lectures and other co-curricular activities.


VIL has a modern, computerized library with a seating capacity of 150 readers and a rich collection of Legal Education resources, text books and e-books and bar acts, reference books, journals, manuals, periodicals, magazines and newspapers including Manupatra, JSTOR and DELNET E-resources. The library is using most popular integrated Library Management Software (IFW) which provides online Web OPAC system facility to search library collection for users.


The College has a well-equipped moot-court room for its students. The set-up of the moot-court room is to provide students with a feel of the real court room where they can hone their professional skills, essential for their legal practice later. Professionals from the field of Law i.e., Bar and Bench are occasionally involved in providing Training, Orientation and appropriate Professional Guidance for enhancing the skills of students.

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