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Dept. of Mechanical Engg.

Home Mechanical Engg. Home Board of Studies

      Board of studies of Mechanical Engineering Department is constituted with experts drawn from reputed academic institutions, research laboratories , core mechanical industries and IT based mechanical organizations. This will ensure the quality curriculum to all our programmes.

BoS Constitution: (B.Tech-Mechanical Engineering)

Sno Name Details Role
1 Mr. T Ch Anil Kumar Assistant Professor and Head of the Department
2 Mr. Suroju Ramakrishna D-EVA, Principal Consultant, Tech Mahindra, Pune
External Member
3 Dr. Jayabal K Associate Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering, IIITDM, Kancheepuram
Invited Member
4 Dr. M Ramakrishna Professor
Internal Member
5 Dr. K Venkat Rao Professor and Dean R&D Nominee
Internal Member
6 Dr. D Satyanarayana Professor
Internal Member
7 Dr. B Nageswara Rao Professor
Internal Member
8 Dr. G Suresh Officiating Professor
Internal Member
9 Dr. Y Jyothi Associate Professor
Internal Member
10 Dr. Faiyaz Ahmed Assistant Professor
Internal Member
11 Mr. E Govindarajulu Assistant Professor
Internal Member
12 Dr. Sk Farooq Assistant Professor, School Dean Nominee
Internal Member
13 Mr. N B Prakash T Assistant Professor, HOD Nominee
Member Secretary

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